Essential oils are not cheap, so it pays to know how to store these oils. In this article we tell you how to store essential oils. Read on to find out tips on storing essential oils.

Storing Essential Oils

Essential oils are pretty expensive and are precious as well. These oils have a variety of uses. These are generally used as massage oils, fragrances, air fresheners, home-made cosmetic additions, aromatherapy, health aids, etc.
Hence, it really pays to store them well and for as long as you possibly can. Moreover, storing of the essential oils increases its life and the effectiveness. Read on to find out some tips on how to store essential oils.
Quality of Oil - First and foremost, you need to purchase good quality essential oils. If you buy some cheap quality oil, no matter how safely you store it, it won't last. Good quality essential oils, on the other hand will always last longer. Go to a store where you know that you will get good quality oils. At the same time please make sure that the essential oils that you are buying are from the recent stock. Please clarify whatever doubts you might have regarding this.
Storage - Always store the essential oils in a cool place. Temperatures play a vital role in the preservation of these oils. However, be aware of the fact that when stored at low temperatures, some oils will solidify. This is not something that you must be worried about as they will turn to liquid once they are out in room temperature. The oils which are most likely to turn into solid state are the absolutes like rose otto and fennel.
Handling - The way you handle and use these essential oils play a vital role as well. Do not touch the top or the inside of the bottle in which the oils are stored. Also remember to avoid any kind of contact of the oil with the skin as these oils can cause irritation. Using gloves for handling the oils is advisable.
Glass Containers - It is advisable to use glass containers to keep the essential oils fresh. But make sure that these containers are airtight.
  • When stored properly, essential oils can be stored for as long as six months to several years.
  • Although these oils can be stored for many years, but it is advisable not to store them for more than one year.
  • Use the oils regularly, because if you do not use them quickly, you risk having the oils change the fragrance.
  • You can also keep the essential oils inside the refrigerator as this will help in preserving them.
  • Always keep the essential oils out of sunlight and high temperatures as these could prove to be harmful. If possible, use amber glass bottles as these provide a fair amount of protection for the oils.
  • Remember to keep the essential oils safely, out of the children’s reach.
  • If you notice that these oils have started to turn cloudy and changed its color and fragrance, these should be immediately disposed off.
  • Please keep in mind that essential oils must never be used internally. For application to the skin, dilute the essential oils with a good quality carrier oil, like jojoba, almond or olive oil.

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