Essential oils can be used for varies purposes, but ample care should be taken while using them. Read the article to explore some useful tips on how to use essential oils.

How To Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are also known as ‘volatile’ or ethereal oils. They are highly concentrated in nature and should be used in the right quantity, often in conjunction with carrier oils, to get the desired results. ‘Neat’ or undiluted essential oil should not be directly applied to the body, for it may cause irritation or allergy. They should always be used proportionately with carriers, because they are directly absorbed by the skin. If used improperly, even a small amount of essential oil can harm your body. This article deals with how to use essential oils in the right way. Read on for some useful tips on the same.
Tips For Using Essential Oils
Skin Test
You should always conduct a skin test for essential oils before using them. A patch test can be conducted to know if your skin is sensitive to essential oils. Apply a small amount of diluted oil on your elbow and wait for 24 hours, to see if it leads to any redness or itchiness. If you feel irritation on the part where essential oil has been applied, it means that your skin is sensitive and you should avoid using essential oils.
Use For Bath Purposes
You can add 3-8 drops of essential oils in warm water, depending on the oil. Add the oil just before you’re about to take bath and soak in the diluted water for at least 10 minutes. It will help you feel extremely relaxed and refresh your mind as well as body.
Inhale To Treat Congestion
Essential oils can be inhaled to treat congestion or stress. Put a small amount; say 4-5 drops, of essential oils in boiling water. Cover your face and head with a towel and breathe the aromatic steam. Continue for few minutes and you will feel the congestion clearing away.
Don’t Ingest Essential Oils
Take care not to consume essential oils by any chance. When taken internally, essential oils can even prove to be fatal. Even small amounts are toxic and are capable of having a lethal effect. Keep them away from the reach of children.
Avoid Exposure To Sunlight Or Overuse
Exposure to sunrays can increase your sensitivity to essential oils, ex-citrus oils. Don’t come in direct contact of sun, if you have applied essential oils. Otherwise, you might end up suffering from an allergy.
Use In Moderation
You may feel dizzy or shaky if you have put excess of essential oils. Use them in the right doses or you may end up with a headache as well. Ensure that you do not exceed the recommended amount of essential oils.
Consult A Practitioner, If On Medication
Essential oils may react with certain medications, so it is advisable to consult a qualified practitioner before using them. People with kidney or liver troubles should be extra-cautious, as their excess usage may adversely affect these organs. Also, take care to protect your eyes, nose or ears from them. Wash you hands thoroughly after using essential oils.

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