Have you been thinking hard on how to get rid of you fat ankles? Read this article and know some easy ways to loose ankle fat.

How To Get Rid Of Fat Ankles

Fat ankles can be attributed to two factors - your excessive weight or your genes. It is natural for anyone to feel embarrassed about having fat ankles, because they attract the wrong attention. It can also affect many aspects of your life like, not being able to wear the kind of shoes you would want, due to the plumpness of your ankles. Women are generally more concerned about this problem, because they wear outfits which expose their ankles. Whether you are a man or a woman, if you want to know how to get rid of fat ankles, go through the following lines. Here, we have listed easy ways to loose ankle fat.
Ways To Loose Ankle Fat
Eat Less Sugar
You need to effectively cut down on your sugar intake, to rid yourself of those embarrassing fat ankles. Increased body weight will make this problem only persist. Extra sugar in your diet allows additional fat to accumulate in your ankles as well. While you can’t just banish sugar from your diet, treating fat ankles does call for a substantial reduction in sugar-rich food products, like chocolates, cakes, sodas, coffee, sweets, etc.
Pump Up Your Water Intake
Have loads of water to reduce weight. According to medical experts, weight loss is enhanced by increasing the intake of water. Water not only detoxifies your body and removes free radicals, but also aids weight loss. The more weight you loose, the slimmer your ankles would become. Countering obesity and loosing the over-all body weight is the key to this problem.
Increase Your Protein Level
There is a need to increase your intake of protein, along with water. Sizeable amount of protein in your diet will help reduce the ankle fat. Your diet needs to be balanced by adding the required amount of protein. However, don’t forget to take the opinion of a dietician or a medical expert before going for a protein enhanced diet. It should not exceed far beyond your body requirement.
Indulge In Exercise
You can also follow a strict exercise regime to reduce weight and tackle the problem of fat ankles. However, rather than just targeting the ankle area, go for exercises that help you keep fit as a whole, like running, jogging, brisk walking, and so on. However, you can always include some ankle-specific exercises in the workout.
Water Tablets
You can take the advice of a medical expert and consume water tablets on recommendation. If you are old, pregnant or sick, you may face a problem of fluid retention, which leads to fat ankles as well. Taking water tablets can be a good idea under such conditions, as they counter this problem and help in overall fat reduction as well.
Ankle Liposuction
If your fat ankles are due to genetic reasons, and not obesity, working hard on reducing your weight might not prove to be of much help. In such a case, ankle liposuction is advised. This requires a proper medical check-up and expert opinion, as it is a complicated procedure. Those who are over weight should try to reduce their extra fat by the methods mentioned above and avoid going for the ankle liposuction surgery. Surgical procedures should be kept as the last option.

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