If you are wondering how to get rid of a bad memory, your search ends here. In this article, we have provided helpful ways to get rid of bad memories, just for you.

How To Get Rid Of A Bad Memory

Are you being haunted by an unpleasant incident, which happened in your life? If yes, then you would agree that reminiscence of such a thought is not only painful, but also frustrating. Apart from rubbing you on the wrong end, the thought also builds up personality problems, such as insecurities, inferiority complex and low self-esteem. After some time, this bad memory also raises behavioral issues and problems. However, there is good news for all those people suffering from a bad memory - we are at your service. In the following lines, we have provided tips on how to get rid of a bad memory.
Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Memories
Let It Go
You may be consciously trying to get rid of that hurtful thought and curse your mind day-in and day-out for bringing it up, but do you know that even inanimate objects have the ability to trigger bad thoughts? The love letters and cards given by your ex or the answer sheet of an exam in which you flunked are all physical stuffs that remind you of the pain. Though they seem harmless, by throwing them away, you might be able to delete the unwanted episodes of your life, from your memory.
The Focus Factor
You are in the middle of a very important task or in a meeting and suddenly the thought pops up. You might now argue that despite the absence of any physical stuff, you still are bombarded with bad memories. The reason is - poor concentration! As soon as you realize that a bad thought coming into your mind, you need to swoosh it off and start focusing on something else. Believe it or not, by concentrating or diverting your mind, you can actually get out of the grasp of that annoying memory.
The Art Of Being Positivist
Allowing a bad memory to affect you in a negative way is easy, but the trick is to make it affect you the other way round. Sounds incredible, doesn't it!! It's all about altering your thought process a little bit. Just think of your bad memory as a warning sign and it would never be all that appalling. Remember, the incident might have been very terrible for you initially, but come to think of it, it saved you from further deterioration. Treat the memory as a reminder of the blunder you committed and let it be like a watchdog, protecting you in the future. 
Create Bright Memories
Almost all of us would agree that the more we dwell on a thought, the deeper it creeps into our soul. If it’s a happy thought, there is no problem, but if it’s a bad thought, it becomes all the more painful. So, the best way to get out of it would be to create bright memories. Collect new reminiscences and replace them for the scarred thoughts. Your annoying, infuriating and irritating memories would move out of the windows.
Just Blab It Out
This might sound a little weird to you, but blabbing your heart out can actually help you get rid of a bad memory. Call on your best friend or your sibling, whom you want to confide in, and say it all. It is said that by expressing your feelings in front of someone, you can actually get out of the painful dilemma. The person would not only listen to your problem, but might also give you a word of advice, which would be of immense help to you.
Forgive & Forget
If the bad thought is because of a certain individual, you need to follow just two words of advice - forgive and forget. Most of the times, we hold a grudge against the person, thus allowing the thought to annoy and enrage us. In such a circumstance, the best bet would be to let go off the grudge and forgive the person for his/her faults. It might be difficult for you. However, if by forgiving the person, you can get rid of the bad memories, the cost is negligible.

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