Are you afraid of a bad memory? Explore the article given below to get tips and techniques to improve your memory and concentration.

How To Improve Memory And Concentration

Aamir Khan portrayed a man with ‘short term memory loss’ the highly successful movie "Ghajini". You must have felt sympathy for the character who can't even remember his name. What is life without memory? Life itself is a set of memories and more often than not, most of us live in our memories. Memory power is one of the most important factors in a human being’s life. The human brain is much more intricate than even the super computers, and so improving memory for humans necessitate somewhat more effort. In fact, brain as any part of the body needs some exercises and preparation for functioning properly. We care more for getting six and eight packs and a healthy glowing skin rather than taking care of the brain. Actually, there are many things you can do, to make your brain sharper and smarter and to boost up your concentration and memory power. Read on to get tips to improve your memory and concentration.
Tips For Improving Memory And Concentration 
  • Feed your mind and body with good food and enough rest. Fat from fishes containing DHA and omega 3 essential fatty acids is said to be helpful in brain functioning. Follow a diet which Includes vitamin rich foods. Fishes (salmon, tuna etc.), magnesium rich foods, eggs, nuts such as cashew nuts and almonds are helpful in enhancing the brainpower.
  • Your brain needs a work out just like your body to keep itself fresh. There are quite a few puzzle games available online. Puzzle games such as sudoku and cross word puzzle, strengthen your focus and sharpen your concentration.
  • Avoid mood enhancers like alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine if you want to attain better memory. Caffeine and nicotine keep you awake for a while but they damage your brain functioning in the end.
  • Never skip a breakfast. Breakfast gives your body and mind the energy to perform at their best.
  • Learn and practice meditation. Meditation allows you to relax and stay cool by reducing your stress level. Stress is the real culprit. If you can reduce it, you would naturally attain more concentration and memory.
  • The busy schedules have left no time for us to sleep. Most people sleep late in night and get up early in the morning for work. This improper timetable of sleep disrupts your concentration in a big way. Have a proper sleep of at least eight hours.
  • Herbs improve blood flow to brain. They act as remedies for memory loss problems. Herbs such as Brahmi, Gotu Kola, and Ginkgo Biloba are well known for sharpening the memory power.
  • You have to be very attentive to the events happening before your eyes. Try to build interest in activities that are assigned to you. This makes your brain, work more efficiently.
  • Yoga helps to improve the memory power and concentration. It helps you to control the flickering mind. Yoga has worldwide followers because nothing can match its ability to condition the mind.

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