Planning to go on a cruise but afraid of seasickness? Check out these useful seasickness remedies.

Seasickness Remedies

Your friends are planning to go on a great trip on board a luxury liner. There is a great tour of some of the most exotic places in the world on the travel catalog. However, you hold back – the memories of your last sea trip is fresh in your mind. You had been standing on the deck watching the waves dancing around and feeling the spray of the foam on your face. And, as the ship swayed, you felt your stomach moving back and forth. There’s a tingling feeling in your cheeks and you take out your hand-mirror to check whether there is something on your skin. And you see that your cheeks have turned a delicate hue of green (which turns darker before your eyes), which does nothing to calm down your agitated stomach. You narrowly avoided polluting the seawater further, by rushing back to your cabin and un-ingesting all your breakfast! Well, there’s no need to let past experiences stop you from enjoying the present delights. Read on to know remedies for seasickness.
Remedies For Seasickness
Preventive Measures For Seasickness 
The best way to treat seasickness is to prevent it. Some remedies work well for some people, but they don’t for others. The following are the usual remedies that work for most.
  • Eat safe foods. Avoid spices and alcohol. Eat a light meal (so that there will be less to throw up).
  • There is a motion sickness patch available at leading chemists. This is a patch that can be placed behind your ear four hours before going on board the ship. While this is an effective way of preventing seasickness, it causes blurred vision and a dry mouth.
  • Some over the counter medication (which can cause drowsiness) is available. This should be taken an hour or two before boarding, and will usually suppress seasickness.
  • Acupressure bracelets involve motion sickness bands worn on the wrists during the entire trip. These are little bracelets with a magnet on it, which would be aligned with a pressure point, to ease symptoms of seasickness.
  • Natural oils can be applied behind the ears in order to relieve nausea. 
How To Avoid Seasickness 
Just in case you have forgotten to carry along a preventive measure, the following remedies for seasickness should help ease the symptoms, so that you can still enjoy your cruise and get back your sea legs.
  • Move on to the centre of the ship. This is the most stable part and by standing on this part you will find your symptoms easing.
  • Listen to some music. This will divert your mind from the symptoms.
  • Salty snacks help dry up your stomach. You could try eating some of these every few minutes.
  • Relax by lying down and closing your eyes.
  • Eat fresh ginger, drink ginger tea, or suck on a ginger sweet. This is a natural remedy for seasickness.
  • Carry along some motion sickness medicines, which will help reduce nausea. Heavy duty Phenergan Suppositories are beneficial in case of severe seasickness and vomiting.
  • Mint, citrus, carrot juice, apricot juice, and peppermint tea are great to ease symptoms.
  • Don’t try to divert your mind by watching television. It will make you feel worse.
  • If you are thirsty, drink small sips of water. Don’t gulp it down.
  • Never face the opposite direction of the ship’s movement. This will revive your symptoms with greater force.

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