Self-massage techniques, if applied in the right way, can provide great relief to your aching and tired muscles. Go through the article to find out how to do self-massage.

Self-Massage Techniques

After a day's hectic work, you would want to sit back, relax and pamper your senses with a soothing massage. The best bet would be to ask someone in your home, say your mom, sibling or partner, to give you a gentle massage. In case nobody is near you, then help yourself. We provide you some handy self-massage techniques, which would de-stress your body and give you the much needed relaxation. Check out the following lines and get tips on some effective self-massage techniques.
How To Do Self Massage
To massage your scalp, sit straight and gently place your thumbs behind your ear. Now, spread your fingers on top of your head and give a gentle massage to your scalp, by making circles with your fingertips. Do it for about 15-20 minutes and feel the difference!
In case your eyes are tired, may be due to prolonged work on computer, then you would need to rest them for sometime. A gentle massage would serve the purpose. Close your eyes and place both your ring fingers under the eyebrows. Ensure that the fingers are positioned near the bridge of your nose. Now, exert pressure on the areas by pressing your fingers. Hold the position for about 5-10 seconds. Repeat the massage 2-3 times.
The self-massage technique applied to nose also proves to be the best remedy to get rid of sinus. For the purpose, you need to place your fingertips at the bridge of your nose. Now, slide your fingers down your nose, moving towards the top of your cheekbones and finally, to the outside of your eyes. Do this exercise for about 5 minutes, in a gentle manner. This would provide you relief from sinus pressure.
Shoulder pain is a common problem faced by people doing desk work. To relieve the tension in your shoulders, place one arm across the front of your body. Now, with the same arm, touch your opposite shoulder. Press your arm firmly on the muscle above the shoulder blade and move it in a circular motion. Repeat the massage with the other arm as well.
Other Self-Massage Techniques
  • In case you want to release muscular tension, rub your muscles in a circular motion, with the help of your palm or the fingers.
  • By rubbing your muscles in a circular motion, with the help of your palm or fingers, you can release a lot of tension from the muscles.
  • In case of chronic stress on the muscles, apply the kneading technique. For the purpose, you would need an essential oil. Heat the oil a bit and knead your muscles gently, just like the way you knead bread dough. 
  • Apply outward motion to end each self-massage technique. You may also do some gentle tapping, in order to stimulate the circulation of blood and promote deep relaxation.
  • Always apply gentle strokes while massaging, because you would not want to exert undue pressure on your muscles.
  • Give your body's organs a gentle massage for about 15 minutes, daily. By doing so, blood circulation would improve.

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