Giving a prenatal massage helps a woman to relieve mental and physical fatigue and prepares the body for childbirth. Read the article to know tips on how to give a prenatal massage.

How To Give A Prenatal Massage

Being pregnant is an exciting time in a woman’s life, as it brings countless changes, her body being the most susceptible to the changes. Though every woman loves the bulge at this time of her life, there may be other changes that can take a toll on her. These changes can be uncomfortable and painful rather than being pleasurable. An aching back, hips and legs, nausea, insomnia, headache, swollen feet and unpredictable hormones all form a part of normal pregnancy. However, all of these can be eased through a prenatal massage which helps in preparing the body for labor and delivery. Prenatal massage is increasingly becoming popular due to its various benefits. The massage is known to relieve muscle soreness, provide relaxation, aid in relieving insomnia, prepare the muscles for childbirth, reduce swelling of hands and feet, alleviate digestive complaints, and ease stretch mark concerns and skin tightness. Read on to know the tips for performing a pregnancy massage.  
Tips For Giving A Pregnancy Massage
  • Position the pregnant woman in a comfortable position, apart from lying down on the back, as it is not good for circulation. Prop up pillows behind her back for support and make her feel relaxed.
  • Gently start massaging the areas that hold a lot of tension like neck area, shoulders and arms.
  • Using some unscented oil, gently rub the muscles at the base of the neck and top of the shoulders. Slide down towards the arms adding more oil, as required, for relaxation.
  • During pregnancy, the stomach tends to feel very tight and itchy. A good oil massage into the skin of the belly can soothe down the discomfort. Avoid any sort of pressure.
  • Gradually come to the back. The back plays an important role during pregnancy, as it supports a lot of extra weight. Gently massage the back, paying more attention towards the muscles of the lower back.
  • Smooth out lots of unscented oil on the muscles of legs and calves. Rub down the legs, adding gentle pressure in circles.
  • Finally, come down to the feet. Pregnancy swells up a mother’s feet and a prenatal massage can help provide complete relaxation. Massage the base of the feet, especially the balls. Apply a firm pressure to this area, as it will provide a great amount of relief.
Additional Tips
  • While massaging, apply mild pressure as intense pressure can cause pain.
  • While massaging legs, avoid the area between the ankle and heel, as massage therapists and reflexologists believe that this area is connected with the uterus and vagina doing so can lead to early delivery.
  • Ensure that your fingernails are short and trimmed smooth before massaging.
  • Remove any rings, watches or any other jewelry that can cause distraction in the massage.
  • For a nurturing environment, you can play some soothing, soft music in the background.
  • Though prenatal massage is fine for healthy pregnant women but anyone with complaints of heavy discharge (bloody or watery), gestational diabetes, fever, vomiting, unusual pain, high blood pressure, morning sickness, diarrhea, threatened miscarriage, early labor, infectious disease or skin irritation should not undergo a prenatal massage.

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