Prostate massage or milking of the prostate gland are terms used for describing massage or stimulation of prostate gland in men for medical or sexual purpose. Read to know more.

Prostate Massage

The prostate massage, also referred to as prostate milking at times, is a term used for describing the massage or stimulation of the prostate gland in men. This prostate gland is also informally said as the ‘P-Spot’ or the ‘male G-spot’ and is stimulated for either medical or sexual purpose. The prostate happens to be a part of the male sexual-response cycle and plays a prominent role in male orgasm. Seminal fluids of the prostate get discharged during orgasm. This walnut-sized, semen-storing gland is located adjoining the rectum, at the root of the penis, and can be stimulated manually through the anus to release tremendous amounts of both emotional and physical stress. Besides, massaging the prostate gland provides several incredible benefits, with the resulting pleasure being highly intense. Prostate massage releases stagnant semen, thereby cleansing the gland. However, when the prostate is ignored for a longer duration, the semen so stored in produces bacteria; thus, causing swelling. Discover more about milking the prostate gland in the following lines.
Benefits of Prostate Massage
  • Milking the prostate gland serves as a vital tool for lowering the risk of prostate cancer. Also, it is beneficial in detecting the presence of any kind of cancerous cells or infection in the prostate gland. It can be diagnosed in the early stage and the ailing person can be provided with the right treatment to prevent it from turning severe.
  • Prostate massage improves the flow of seminal fluids and increases circulation, thereby carrying oxygen and nutrients, through fresh blood, to the pelvic area and promoting better functioning of the cells in the prostate gland. This, in turn, provides relaxation and helps in combating impotence, via regular ejaculation.
  • Regular milking of the prostate gland releases fluids and stimulates flow of blood, necessary for treating a swelled up prostate gland, which can otherwise cause discomfort while sitting down, due to the pressure building up, now and then.
  • When the prostate gland is stimulated, a man can enjoy an intensified sexual experience and an ‘exploding’ ejaculation. This can best be achieved through a proper and regular prostate massage.
  • Due to an enlarged prostate gland, men can often complain of difficulties in the flow of urine. The fluids released through prostate massage lower the pressure and bring the urine flow back to its normal track.  

Medical Prostate Massage
As a part of the digital rectal examination (DRE), a medical prostate massage is usually provided to men by urologists to detect nodules of prostate cancer as well as to get expressed prostatic secretions (EPS) for inspection under microscope. For a short phase during the 1990s, some doctors used prostate massage along with antibiotics for treating chronic bacterial prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
But recent experiments have shown prostate massage to have unsuccessful results compared to antibiotics alone. Prostate massage was found unsafe due to its life-threatening fallouts like periprostatic hemorrhage, cellulitis, Fournier’s gangrene, septicaemia, possible disturbance and metastasis of prostate cancer in other body parts as well as hemorrhoidal flare-up. Prostate massage, therefore, is not employed in treating any medical condition in the present times.
Sexual Prostate Massage
The term ‘prostate milking’ seems to have a greater erotic connotation than the general term ‘prostate massage’. It points to the sexual practice of releasing the accumulation of seminal fluids in the prostate via a massage without the male experiencing orgasm. The purpose of the prostate massage is to lessen the level of sexual arousal in the male recipient for the time-being, though it yields the most pleasurable sensations. It happens by causing the discharge of the prostatic fluid that had got collected during that period of time in which the male had not ejaculated.
Milking of a man’s prostate has significant effects on the functioning of the gland, his reproductive system health, and his sex life, in general.

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