A rounder butt is the fancy of every woman, but getting this much-valued asset requires some hard work. Explore the article for valuable tips on how to get a rounder butt.

How To Get A Rounder Butt

An hourglass figure, with round butts, is the envy and dream of every woman. Shapely and firm butt grants proportion to your body and makes you look super hot, no matter what you wear. There are very few women blessed with the perfect figure that others would kill for. While some women are too skinny, others are hefty, and few others are simply disproportionate. Round and well-shaped butts can hide many other flaws of your body and make you look simply stunning. You just have to follow some simple tips to get that enviable butt shape. Explore the article and know how to get a rounder butt and flaunt that girlish figure.
Tips For Getting Rounder & Shaplier Butt
  • The largest and bulkiest muscles on the back of your hips are gluteus muscles, which form your butt. These muscles connect to your hamstrings, which is made up of three large muscles that run down to the back of your leg. If your gluteus muscles will become strong, they will sit higher on your butts. And for this reason, you need to get moving. Take larger steps while walking and climb two stairs at a time.
  • Squats and lunges are among the best exercises for toning your butt. Squats will help you work out the upper part of gluteus muscle. Do squats, keeping your back straight and lowering your body in a horizontal position, from your hips to your knees. Hold on to a chair or counter top for support. Don’t lean forward, so as to protect your knees.
  • Lunge forward on alternate legs, putting one leg in front. Lower your body and maintain a balance. In order to protect your knees, stop lowering before your front foot reaches a 45 degree angle. Position your bent knee directly over your ankle and tighten your abdominal muscles to protect your back from over-arching.
  • Taking up martial arts is also a good way to shape your butts round. Spending hours kicking in all directions will make your butts shapely and firmer. The muscles that make your back portion round and shapely will also be strengthened through martial arts. You will also stretch and learn to keep your muscles flexible with regular practice of martial arts.
  • Driving a bicycle is also a great option to get your butts in a roundly shape. Your hamstrings and gluteus muscles need a workout and riding a bicycle is a fun way of doing it. You can also use an exercising cycle for this purpose. Read a magazine or listen to music while exercising, to divert attention from the fatigue and stress on your muscles.
  • Include more proteins in your diet and cut down on starchy carbohydrates, sweets and saturated fats. Muscles become strong on receiving proteins. In some meat products, eggs and whole diary foods, saturated fats are found, which should be avoided. At the same time, foods rich in proteins, like lean meat, should be consumed.

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