Workout routines for women are very vital to remain in good shape. With this article, check out some effective workout programs for women and start shaping up.

Workout Routines For Women

It is a well known fact that ‘a healthy body leads to a healthy mind’. This association between the mind and the body has been known since a long time. As emotions play a major role in determining the health of a human being, likewise, a fit and healthy body can benefit the emotional and mental state of a person immensely. Hence, a fitness regime is very important for the well-being of both mind and body. Even in religious scripts like the Dhammapada and the Gita, continuous referral has been made relating these two major aspects of human existence. Bodily disorders or any derangement of health can affect human mind as well. Hence, it is extremely important to maintain a robust and a healthy body.
In today’s world of unending work pressure and high technological advancements, people often forget the need to maintain a healthy body. Everything is achieved within a fraction of a second and is just a click away. In this run of endless needs and demands, people neglect the basic bodily demands, leading to various physical and emotional disturbances. Women, particularly, tend to neglect this and get inflicted by a host a diseases and ailments, particularly in the later stage of life. Thus, it is vital that women take good care of their health by carefully planning out a proper exercise regime. They can even ask for the guidance of an exercise instructor or a gym trainer, to plan out a fitness program. To aid you in the process, we have provided some workout routines for women below, which will definitely help you in your way to a healthy lifestyle.
Effective Workout Programs For Women
Warm Ups
Prior to commencing any form of exercise program, start with some basic warm-up sessions. This is done mainly to augment the circulation, increase the heart rate and prepare the muscles for the strenuous exercise programs. It includes gradual increase in activity and joint mobility exercises, followed by stretching. After warm-ups, your muscles will have greater flexibility and extensibility and will be able to contract at a greater speed.
As mentioned above, warm-ups are always followed by stretching activities. This is basically done to avoid any kind of muscle tears and injuries while working out. There are two types of stretches: ballistic stretches - consisting of jumping or jerking activities and static stretches.
Cardiovascular Workouts
Cardiovascular exercises or aerobic exercises involve the working of the large muscles of the legs and are very important to make your heart and lungs stronger. They also help in burning the extra calories present in your body and are extremely beneficial in lowering your blood pressure. Thus, they prove very useful for women who want to gain a slimmer stature and lose some unwanted weight.
While performing cardiovascular exercises, you should always remember to keep your workout intensity and frequency under control. Besides this, you can also govern the maximum heart rate that you achieve while performing the exercises. In fact, there is a formula which will enable you to get a rough estimate of your maximum heart rate (MHR= 220 - your age).
Arm & Leg Workouts
This mainly involves toning and shaping the muscles of your arms and legs. You can make use of light weighted dumbbells for carrying out the biceps and triceps exercises. The recommended weight of dumbbells that women can use during the exercise sessions is three to eight pounds. You can start out with the light weighted ones and gradually increase the repetition and weight of the dumbbells.
Breathing Exercise
The correct breathing pattern is as important as the exercise program itself. They immensely help in relieving stress and are simple and very easy to perform. You can also incorporate meditation sessions during your exercise sessions, to make them all the more effective.
Cool Down Exercises
To bring the heart rate and breathing back to normal levels and help the body return back to the pre-exercise state, it is vital to include some cool down exercises in your fitness program. They will also help you overcome any kind of post-exercise muscle soreness and prevent blood pooling and accumulation of waste products in the muscles of the body.

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