Exercises are known to bring relief from pinched nerves, even more quickly than medicines. Explore the article to find some really simple and helpful exercises for pinched nerves.

Pinched Nerve Exercises

Pinched nerve is described as a condition in which a single nerve or a set of nerves is damaged. The damage can include constriction, compression, stretching of nerves, etc. Generally, such a condition arises when the ligaments, bones and tendons surrounding the nerves put unbearable or excessive pressure on them. The causes as well as symptoms of pinched nerves are varied. Burning sensations/pins and needles, numbness or just pain in the injured area are some symptoms of the condition. The best way to soothe pinched nerves is through exercises, which are known to bring relief quickly. Read the article to explore some exercises for pinched nerves.
Simple Exercises For Pinched Nerve
Back Exercises

Check out some back exercises, which can bring relief from pinched nerves.


Side Bends
Stand straight and place your hands on the hips. It is important to stand properly and maintain a straight posture. In order to stretch the lower back, lean to both the sides of the body. The side bends are to be performed 5 times on both, left and right, sides of the body.
Begin in a sitting position and place the legs shoulder width apart. The body is to be pulled forward, by placing the left hand on the right knee. Hold on to the position and count till five. The exercise should be repeated on the left side as well. It helps in stretching the back muscles.
Hamstring Stretch
This exercise is also performed in a sitting position. The arms are to be moved towards the toes, in order to stretch the hamstring. One should try to touch the toes and hold on till a count of 10, if possible. Repeat the exercise five times in a row.
Shoulder Exercises
Nerves in the shoulder area, where the abdomen intersects with the head and neck, need extra care. One needs to maintain the health of the nerves in this area. Given below are some shoulder exercises for pinched nerves.
Chin Extension
Chin extension is an easy-to-perform exercise. Sit on a chair and interlace the fingers of both the hands. Place them behind the head. The chin is to be moved in a downward direction and to the right side simultaneously. Hold on the position for 15 seconds, before retracting. Perform a similar movement on the left side as well. Perform the chin extension five times on each of the sides.  
Shoulder Shrugs
The shoulder shrug exercise is done in a standing position. Both the arms are to be kept on the side and the shoulders are to be shrugged and moved backwards, in a rotating motion. Return to the original position in a similar, but opposite movement. This exercise is to be performed in a set of 15. Take a break of 30 seconds between 2 sets.
Bench Press With Broom
This exercise is pretty simple to perform. Lie on your back, while holding a broom in both the hands, at shoulder-width. The broom is to be pressed in the upward direction, till the elbows get straight. Repeat the exercise 15 times. Take a 30 seconds break in between.

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