Am I Pregnant? If this question is haunting you, read this article to know how to find out if you are pregnant.

Am I Pregnant?

Last time while having sex, you didn’t use any contraception since you wanted to enjoy the phase of motherhood. Are you finding yourself extremely lethargic or your breasts a bit tender? Morning sickness, fatigue, cramping, nausea, headache, constipation, mood swings and sometimes even a little vaginal bleeding, all of us have heard of such symptoms of pregnancy from our elders. Signs turn into almost reality, when you miss a period. These signs are definitely worth-considering, but many a times it could be due to some other problem thriving in your body. To find out if you are pregnant, it’s better to have the pregnancy test done. You can easily verify pregnancy at home, by following the steps provided below. 
Home Tips For Checking Pregnancy 
  • Evaluate the date your period is due. In case your menstrual cycle is regular, a delay in period is one amongst the earliest signs of pregnancy.
  • Observe any new changes in your body. Do you feel extremely sleepy? Are your breasts a bit tender? Are you becoming moody? Though sometimes fewer, these changes can be clear signs.
  • Purchase a home pregnancy test and select the one with two tests per box to double-check your results.
  • To have the test done, wait till you miss a period or 2 weeks after you believe you conceived. 
  • For doing test, follow the instructions given on the packet carefully.
  • In case the test is positive, make an appointment with the doctor for a physical exam and to verify with other tests.
  • If the test is negative and you still guess that you’re pregnant, test again after a few days. 
  • When you wake up in the morning, perform the test first, because at this time, hormone concentrations are the highest.
  • Home pregnancy tests assert to be 97% accurate. If there are mistakes, they are usually of false negatives. The chance of false positives is very rare.
  • Home pregnancy test is also helpful if you don’t keep a track of menstrual cycle or it varies extensively from one month to the next.

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