Treatment for arthritis has a few dos and don’ts to be followed. Navigate through this article to know more about certain foods that are best avoided when suffering from arthritis.

Foods To Avoid With Arthritis

Arthritis is a series of conditions that affect the joints and muscles of the body. The symptoms of arthritis include joint pain, limited movements of joints and inflammation of the same. When an individual is down with arthritis, the joints of that individual may be swollen and red. It is caused by damage to the cartilage tissue that surrounds most joints. The cartilage is a flexible connective tissue; it complements the movements you make. Damage to the cartilage tissue can result in a lot of pain and can make basic movements extremely painful. To ease the pain that is caused by arthritis, there are certain foods that need to be avoided. These are foods that can increase the pain caused by the disorder. Eliminating these foods from your daily diet can lend a hand in fighting against the pain from arthritis. It may not be easy to completely stop eating these foods, but you have to make the necessary sacrifices to help ease the pain. It's important to work on a dietary plan that helps. To get better informed, read on about foods you should be avoiding when down with this condition.
Foods Best Avoided When Suffering From Arthritis
  • Red meat is best avoided for an individual suffering from arthritis. Red meat includes beef, lamb and pork. Stay away from it. Opt for chicken or fish instead; they are safer bets.
  • Tomatoes, eggplants, red peppers and white peppers are not allowed. These vegetables are best avoided.
  • Tobacco! Tobacco is not permitted. It’s bad enough for an average and healthy individual, but is more so for a person suffering from arthritis. Tobacco is not to be smoked, inhaled or snuffed.
  • Fruits that are waxed! Yes, over the past few years fruit marketers and sellers have been selling fruits that are covered with wax. The wax increases shelf life and makes the fruits look more attractive. Staying away from fruits that have been waxed is the way to go. Citrus fruits are best avoided, too.
  • Sugar and sugary foods are very much to be left alone. Sweets, sugary condiments, pastries, honey, ice creams, chocolates, colas, donuts, etc. are not to be consumed. Overcoming cravings for sugary delights is an absolute must.
  • White wheat and flour sourced from it should also be eliminated. A person suffering from arthritis cannot afford to eat bread or chapattis made from white wheat flour.
  • Milk, yoghurt, curd and cheese are not allowed. The consumption of dairy products can increase the pain caused by arthritis, so the same are best not eaten.
  • Almonds and nuts that have been dry roasted are not to be given to an individual down with arthritis. However, Brazilian nuts can prove effective against the pain caused by arthritis. 
  • Popular beverages like tea, coffee, hot chocolate and soft drinks are also quite the no-no! Basically, drinks that have a lot of caffeine are not permitted.
  • Margarine and butter, too, are not allowed. The use of the same should be restricted.
  • Foods that are high on salts, pepper and vinegar are not to be had. Mildly spiced meals help fight against the pain caused by arthritis.

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