Swollen faces are never pretty and never painless. Read this article and learn how to reduce facial swelling.

How To Reduce Facial Swelling

Make-up and advanced cosmetics can do wonders. A touch of rouge here, a touch of blush there and voila! You could suddenly qualify for America’s top model contest. However, you ought to hold your horses when you start thinking make-up can conquer all! Facial swelling is an unsettling condition which causes significant damage to a great part of our face and may hence require immediate medical attention. Facial Swelling is best defined as a surge of fluid that threatens to harm the face, eyes, forehead, cheeks, ears, mouth and tends to diffuse right to the neck and upper arms. Allergic reactions, blood transfusion reaction, conjunctivitis, drug reactions, injury, sinusitis and tooth abscess are some of the common causes of facial swelling. Facing the public under such unfortunate surfaces can be rather distressing as you might resort to roaming the streets with sunglasses and a scarf concealing three-fourths of your face. Taking precautionary measures to eliminate chances of sporting a swollen face would be the smarter route, but most of us are careless beings living in a complicated world. For those careless beings that might be lighted with facial swelling, here are a few valid ways of reducing it.

Reducing Facial Swelling 

Hygiene And Vigilance
Prevention is indeed the best cure, but not everything is in our hands as fate isn’t always determined by our actions. However, we can still make a humble effort; it doesn’t hurt to be careful. Washing your hands and face with soap on a regular basis is imperative in fighting infections. You should get rid of old cosmetics which are highly prone to contamination and remove makeup or mascara before bedtime to steer clear of strange body reactions.

Drug Remedies And Health Consciousness
The most logical way to prevent facial swelling would be to lay off the drugs and substances that have previously provoked allergic reactions. Nevertheless, what if you accidently munched on a prawn favoured wafer and have to endure dangerous hives triggered by your severe allergy to seafood? In these cases, the doctor may recommend you to carry an ‘EpiPen’ wherever you go. This device contains inject-able epinephrine and promises to save your life. Overweight and obese individuals are greatly susceptible to facial swelling due to the subsequent build up of fluid in the tissues of the face. A plausible weight loss program that includes a low-salt diet coupled with moderate exercise in the key to trimming down this looming threat.

Home Treatment
When inflicted with allergic swellings, over the counter antihistamines like ‘Benadryl’ or any other doctor prescribed antihistamine limits the symptoms. Take an antihistamine with a decongestant to quell the swell from inflammation of your sinuses.  In cases of ‘facial edema’, massage the affected area with warm mustard oil or apple cider vinegar. Swelling propelled by injuries is best suppressed by applying a cold compress or ice packs for 20 to 30 minutes every two hours.  This removes heat from the tissue and blocks transmission of signals through the nerves and eradicates pain. Use a bunch of comfortable pillows to reasonably elevate your head or upper body to a greater height than your lower body, as you lie on the bed. Place a mixture of papaya mashed in a basin and mix it with honey. Prepare a facial mask by mixing mashed papaya with honey. Allow it to sit for 20 minutes and then rinse your face to see the improvement.

Rendezvous With The Doctor
Consult with your pharmacist, doctor or nurse for instructions on stopping or changing your medication if you believe it has caused your facial swelling. Your doctor might prescribe you with an anti-inflammatory medication. Your doctor will readily trace infections and underlying health condition that cause swelling. He or she will thus create an appropriate treatment plan to heal your ailments. Your doctor may recommend the use of an antibiotic cream, or outpatient surgical lancing to drain and clean out any infection.

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