Instead of spending all our money in anti-ageing creams and cosmetic surgery, you could do a facial workout. Read on to know what a facial workout is.

Facial Workout

The moment we say ‘facial’ women are reminded of images of portly women sitting inside salons with a pink towel tied to their hair and green colored stuff smeared all over their face, save the eyes, which are covered with slices of cucumber. On the other hand ‘workout’ reminds us of gymnasiums where people can be found burning their flab and toning up their bodies. Now when we put these two together, it sounds a little confusing – facial workout? Why would anybody want to exercise their face? Isn’t it already tired and losing its vigor because of the dust, pollution and other things? The answer to these questions is that dust and pollution are precisely the reason why our facial muscles need a workout – they make the skin sag and lose its vital nutrients. The facial workout will tone the muscles of the face to give a healthier skin, which is firm and young, free of blemishes, pimples, wrinkles, and double chin. Here’s all about a facial workout.
Facial Workouts & Exercises
Why We Need Facial Workout?
As we all acknowledge, the face is one part of the face that shows ageing first – followed by the bones and then brain. Too much exposure to the sun, wrong eating habits, daily exposure to pollution, stress and altered sleep patterns all contribute to speed up the process of ageing. Since all the muscles of the face are interconnected, it is important to exercise each one of them so that other muscles nearby also benefit from it. Conversely, when the muscles of one part sag, the other muscles also sag along with it. For instance, if we need to tone the muscles of the eyes, we would also be required to exercise the muscles of the forehead and the cheeks and so on.
How Is It Beneficial?
Exercising the muscles of the face makes them toner without the use of any cosmetics or surgery and gives us the youthful look that we all hope for. Like we workout other parts of the body to keep them from ageing and becoming weak, we workout the facial muscles to keep them supple and to prevent from sagging. Also, like in other workout regimens, as we use weights to increase the strength, we use fingers – especially the thumb and the index finger – while exercising the muscles of the face, to add pressure and resistance to muscle contraction. Most facial workouts concentrate on each part of the face – the forehead, the eyes, cheeks, jaw, neck, and the overall face. It is often best to do these exercises in front of the mirror. Not only will you be able to see which one of the muscles of your face is stretching, you will also be greatly entertained at the various faces that you make.
Facial Exercises
Here are some exercises that will help you get rid of signs of ageing and make the skin supple and smooth:
  • Sit in front of the mirror in an upright position. Make a kissing face and begin to tilt your head backwards as if kissing the ceiling. Hold this kissing face for ten seconds and then relax and bring back the head in neutral position. Repeat this five times.
  • Another variant is to tilt the head backwards to stare at the ceiling and move the lower lip over the upper lip and stretch as much as possible. Hold this for ten seconds and relax, bringing down your head in neutral position. Repeat this exercise five times.
  • You could also try some expression exercises that will stretch the muscles of the skin and the neck. Look up at the ceiling and smile widely with both your lips and eyes – your lips should be wide apart and the eyebrows should be cocked upwards. Hold this expression for ten seconds, relax the muscles, and bring back the head in the neutral position. Repeat this ten times.

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