Strength training can drastically improve your running performance. Read on to know more about strength training for runners.

Strength Training For Runners

There was an old myth that strength training would affect a runner badly because it improves weight and minimize his speed. This myth is already proved wrong because the weight training gives a runner more energy to handle heavy workload. Weight training minimizes the risk of injuries in the joints because it creates great muscular strength, which can even prevent you from tendon injuries. Warm up is a very important thing before doing the strength-training program. A good warm up dilates the blood vessels and provides your muscles great oxygen supply. It helps you to get optimal flexibility for doing the stretching exercises. A good warm minimizes the stress on your heart. It's good to light aerobic exercises. These exercises are good warm up exercises. For runners, base running is the best warm up exercises. Base running is just running in a conversational pace. It effectively burns fat and prepares your heart and lungs to absorb, utilize and deliver oxygen. Slow jogging loosens up your muscles and prepares you for long run. You don't have to jog fast. Start slowly and you can gradually build up your speed. Cooling down is as important as warming up, for a runner. Stopping your exercises suddenly might cause you light-headedness. A few basic weights training program for runners are discussed here.
Strength Training Workouts For Runners
Dumbbell Squat
  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand and allow them to hang at the sides.
  • Now, Keep the heels planted wide firmly on the floor and don’t allow them to rise up.
  • Now tighten the abdominal muscles.
  • Pull back the weight without bending the body. 
Dumbbell Bench Press
  • Lie in a basic bench. Carry a dumbbell of same size in each hand.
  • Press dumbbells up with elbows to sides until your arms are extended
  • Lower the weights to sides of your chest until you feel a stretch in chest or shoulder. 
Heel Raise Exercise
The heel raise exercise strengthens your calf muscles and gives your legs more stability. You can do these exercises at even home or in office.
  • Step up on to a set of stair steps and hold onto a stair railing
  • Place top half of your feet on the step
  • Raise your heels as high as possible
  • Go down as low as possible 
 Dumbbell Lying Triceps Exercises
  • Lie on a bench and position dumbbells over your head with arms extended.
  • Lower dumbbells by bending elbow until they are to sides of head. You should keep repeating it for 10 times with 4 repetitions. 
Barbell curl for Biceps
  • Hold a bar with shoulder width under hand grip
  • Curl the bar up to your chest in an arc. Please make sure that your elbows are locked to the place close to your sides.
  • Bring the weight up high as possible and after completing that round, you can lower it slowly. Keep doing it for 10 times with 4 repetitions.

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