Have you ever wondered whether you’d be stronger by running outside instead of on the treadmill, or vice versa? Read this article and clear all those doubts!

Treadmill Vs Running Outside

Today, one equates fitness to a long and healthy life. Of course, fitness is strenuous and a slothful being’s biggest nemesis. However, if you wish to cling on to your dear life, fitness is the answer! If sport is not your cup of tea, you can always indulge in simple running. Jog every morning and ease the strain on your weighing scale. Do you know that you build up your stamina exponentially, every time you run? Of late, the biggest debate in the world of fitness transpires between the benefits of the treadmill over running outside. Some of us rave about the convenience offered by the treadmill equipment, while others quickly retort saying “Nothing better than sprinting along the scrublands!” The large assortment of treadmills in the gymnasiums, today, might give you the impression that they’re more effective than outside running, but know that there are pros and cons to each of them. Nonetheless, the bottom line remains that both serve the cardiovascular system really well. Hang on to decide for yourself, which of the two is really better - running outdoors or strutting on the treadmill? 
Differences Between Treadmill & Running Outside
Running Outside Over Treadmill
  • Researchers hold the firm viewpoint that the different terrain outside contributes to additional muscular development and strengthens the legs to a great extent. Running on the beach sands or on the lawns augments chances of building muscle power, as opposed to jogging along the smooth surface of a treadmill.
  • The moment you step outdoors, you automatically encounter what is popularly known as wind resistance. When you attempt to run against wind, you inevitably expend more energy. This, in turn, promotes quicker weight loss than that acquired through treadmill running. Moreover, you require more energy while exerting the pressure to propel yourself forward in the outdoors, unlike indoors wherein the moving belt of the treadmill demands less of your energy. 
  • The icing on the cake with regards to dashing al fresco is without a doubt, the beautiful scenery and view. Indoors you are stuck with the same four walls of a room. It gets boring with time and the monotony tempts you to quit the routine workout. However, it’s so unpredictable while running outside! The fresh air in the morning is just another incentive to haul yourself out of bed and hop into your jogging shoes. Rejuvenate your mind and body with the beautiful intricacies of Mother Nature as you strengthen those muscles!
  • Especially when you are training for a marathon, it is highly recommended that you venture outdoors to adapt to the erratic weather conditions and inconsistent rocky terrains.
Treadmill Over Running Outside
  • For those suffering from weak bone or prone to muscle injuries, it is advisable to run on the treadmill. The cushioning of a treadmill isn’t available outside. Similarly, all the obese or overweight individuals determined to burn calories are more compatible with the treadmill, as it propels the body forward. They, hence, gain momentum faster, than otherwise and exercise with lesser obstacles.
  • Many proclaim that treadmills lack the advantage of drawing more energy from the body to fight wind resistance. However, it has been observed that by simply raising the treadmill incline to 1 percent, the lower body is stimulated to exert more energy.
  • What do you do when it is a rainy day? Or a rainy month? There’s surely no point jogging in the monsoons and returning with a fever. Under such circumstances, owning a treadmill would be a major plus point to your fitness regimen.
  • One of the irrefutably best and most prominent features of the treadmill is that it enables you to track the number of calories burned while running as well as your heart rate! There’s no reliable way you can do this out in the open! Yes, you could monitor your body's response by sporting a sensor and a wrist watch that monitors the heart. However, these are uncomfortable and might affect your performance. Treadmill, on the other hand, keeps a record of your daily performance, making your life so much easier and simpler!
Weigh the pros and cons according to your priorities and figure out which option is more apt for you! Hope this article enlightened you and has been of valuable assistance in your endeavors of choosing between running outside and treadmill running.

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