Here we have provided information on basic breastfeeding tips for nursing mothers blessed with twins or multiples. Just go through them to have an idea of how to breast feed your twins.

Breastfeeding Twins

With the birth of a baby, comes a lot of warmth and happiness in a household. And the joy is undoubtedly doubled if the mother gives birth to twins. Amidst all the festivities associated with the newborns; there is one person who might remain a bit edgy. Yes, we are talking about the mother! The idea of breastfeeding the twins might reduce her to a bundle of nerves, more than ever, if she is unfamiliar with the practice. If you are one amongst those who have twins to feed, it is the time to end your apprehensions. Many mothers have successfully nursed twins and multiples. You can also easily breastfeed your twins. Go through these handy breastfeeding tips to get a knowledge of how to breast feed when it comes to twins.
Breastfeeding Twins 
  • It is always better to schedule a feeding time and breastfeed both the newborns together. It will also save your time. However, you will have to address their individual demands of breastfeeding as they grow up.
  • Though you can try various feedingpositions, the best position to breastfeed twins is the ‘football hold’. Hold both the babies, one on each side and guide their mouth to the nipples, to feed them.
  • Get a nursing pump. Pumping your breasts will accelerate the milk production in your breasts. You can also store the extra breast milk in feeding bottles for subsequent uses. Try a double breast pump for better results.
  • No doubt, nursing two babies can make you feel drained at times. But, ensure that you breastfeed your babies with a relaxed mind. Keep distraction to the minimum and enjoy the task of feeding your twins.
  • If one of the babies has a problem with latching, make sure you manage proper timing and feed the other one before. While feeding his twin, you can cajole and coax him as you finally settle him for the feeding session.
  • Don’t be hesitant to take help from your family members and husband in dealing with household chores. Welcome assistance in any form and pick up tips from other nursing moms.
  • Drink lot of fluids during the breastfeeding period. Make sure that the body is properly hydrated for the production of sufficient milk. Also have a nutritious diet that includes a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits and proteins.
  • Nursing mothers should also see that they take adequate rest. Take periodic naps whenever possible. It is better to synchronize your sleeping habits with that of the babies and doze off along with them to avoid disturbances.
  • Consult your doctor if you encounter any problem while breastfeeding. Use good nursing pillows (V shaped or horse-shoe shaped), while feeding your babies. Also wear good nursing bras to avoid clogged milk ducts. 

Nothing can supplant the nutritious benefits of a mother’s milk. Just remember that breast milk is the best form of milk for a child and your baby always deserves the best.

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