If there is one thing better than one baby, it has got to be two babies. Explore this article to know what it takes to conceive a pair of adorable twins.

Conceiving Twins

Ga-Ga! Goo-Goo! Now that is a noise babies are all too familiar with making. It at times can also be music to the ears of a doting mother. However, if there’s one thing better than a single ‘ga-ga, goo-goo’ emanating from the vocal chords of a baby, it’s a ‘ga-ga, goo-goo’ arising from two babies, read a pair of twins. If a baby makes the world go around, twins make the world and the rest of the planets in our solar system go around! Why twins are so popular no one really can explain, but in all probability, it’s mostly because they are double the fun and cuteness that every baby guarantees. If you have been yearning for a pair of twins, there are certain things you should be doing to help you achieve this ‘twin’ objective. Go ahead and read on to know what it takes to conceive a pair of twins. After all, two cute babies are much more adorable than one cute baby.  

How To Conceive Twins 

Build Awareness
The first and foremost thing you will need to conceive a pair of twins is awareness. Not awareness on the political scenario of your country, but awareness on the female birth cycle. It is this awareness that can help you get that much closer to conceiving a pair of twins. In fact the best way to get successful when it comes to conceiving twins is to have sexual intercourse during the ‘fertile time’ of the cycle. If you are not aware of when the ‘fertile time’ in the female cycle occurs, you can always consult a gynecologist.

Think Folic Acid
In order to increase the chances of conceiving twins, it is advisable to consume folic acid on a daily basis. It is a known fact that folic acid helps in the conception of a baby. However, not many people are aware that folic acid can actually help in the conception of twins too. The chances of woman who takes the supplement giving birth to a pair of twins are much higher than the chances of a woman who doesn’t. That’s as good as a fact. For best results, it is advisable to ingest folic acid a month before initiating the process of conceiving twins. 

Get More Of The Cassava Root

The ‘cassava root’ is a type of wild yam found in the continent of Africa. Believe it or not, but the consumption of the cassava root can increase your chances of conceiving twins. Nutritionists and doctors in private studies noticed that women in Africa in whose diets the cassava root is an integral part, had a higher chance of giving birth to twins. It is also widely known that African women enjoy the highest rate of success as far as twins are concerned and all this success only leads to the consumption of the cassava root.

Nurse And Purse
According to a recent study, women who are still nursing or breastfeeding their babies are slightly more likely to give birth to twins than the ones who are not. So the rule of thumb here is to try to purse a pair of twins while still nursing your baby. In other words, nurse and purse is the way to go.

Pile On The Pounds
Yes, you read that right! Piling on the pounds is your safest bet when trying to conceive twins. It has been proven that women with slightly higher fat percentages are more likely to give birth to a pair of twins. If you look at the whole affair from a fresh perspective, here you are actually getting to have your cake and eat it too. However, you will have to exercise caution when it comes to binge eating, because there really is nothing good about it. Stay well within the boundaries of healthy eating while staying away from redundant and excessively strict diets. 

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