Experiencing severe pain in your joints? This can be a result of a condition called bursitis. Read on to learn about bursitis exercises that help in soothing the joint muscles from the pain.

Bursitis Exercises

You might have felt a sudden jerk followed by severe pain in your forearm, knees or elbow while playing your favourite game. This pain is caused due to some agitation in bursa. A bursa is a fluid sac that facilitates the movement of any joint by lubricating them. This sac can easily get agitated by a direct impact or by repetition of a movement which might give rise to a painful condition referred to as bursitis. This is a condition common among the athletes and players who while playing or performing might experience a sudden injury or jerk which might cause bursa to get agitated and cause pain in the affected joint. Bursitis can also be caused when the body looses balance while performing a different action or because of a natural condition like that in a person with abnormality in limbs. Bursitis can also be caused as a result of a bacterial infection in or around the bursa or arthritis. Knees, elbows, shoulders, hip and ankle are joints that commonly get affected by this infection. There are many treatments prescribed and suggested to get relief from bursitis, one among them being the various exercises for each of the affected area. Below mentioned are few exercises for bursitis that will help provide relief to the joints instantly.
Exercises For Bursitis
Bursitis Hip Exercises
  • One of the effective exercises for hip bursitis is the stretching and rolling of the gluteals and the extending of the hip backwards. You can make use of an exercise ball to perform this exercise. Climbing stairs, squatting and swimming will also help in extension of hip backward.
  • Flexing of the hip flexors by moderate movement of the hip in the forward direction will also help in dealing with hip bursitis. Gentle lifting of the legs, rowing action, swimming and climbing stairs will also help.
  • Contracting the adductor muscle of the hip will also soothe the hip area. It is essential to exercise the inner thigh region when suffering from hip bursitis. You can do this by pulling the hip inward and making it tight and then relaxing the muscles before flexing it again.
Shoulder Bursitis Exercises 
  • Rotating the shoulders in the forward and backward direction will prove to be quite effective in case of shoulder bursitis. The exercise will have to be performed with little vigour at first, slowly increasing the number of rotations.
  • Practicing over-the-shoulder throw will also provide relief when suffering from shoulder bursitis. Make sure that the action—when performing for the first time—is slow and deliberate to prevent any further damage to the delicate cartilages around the shoulder bone.
  • Few bending exercises will also help in relieving the shoulder muscles. Bend forward and backward gently so as to soothe the shoulder bones. You can deliberately perform this exercise every time you have to bend down to pick a fallen object.
 Elbow Bursitis Exercises 
  • Wrist curls is one exercise that will help relieve elbow bone when suffering from bursitis. Sit in a chair with forearms resting on the thigh to perform the exercise. Hold a dumbbell with palm up or down and bend your wrist up and then slowly lower it down. Repeat the same action 20 times using a 3lb dumbbell.
  • Another elbow relieving exercise is the forearm rotation. Sit down on a chair with the forearms resting on the thighs. Hold a dumbbell with your palm facing up. Turn your forearm slowly until your palm faces down. Hold for a while and then return your arm to the starting position.
  • Finger extension is another helpful exercise in case of elbow bursitis. Hold the fingertips of your injured arm close together with your fingers and thumb straight. Put a rubber band around your fingertips and thumb. Now spread your fingers apart and then bring them together slowly without letting the rubber band fall off.

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