Want to learn a few shoulder stretching exercises to warm up before a workout routine? Read on to get details on different shoulder stretches here in this article.

Shoulder Stretches

You might have observed instructors making athletes, players and bodybuilders go through a stretching regime before any performance or exercise. Body stretches help loosen the tight muscles which helps you further to perform in the game or carry out other exercises with a lot of ease. Body stretches also help in warming up the body which again facilitates easy execution of other exercises or tasks. In this article we will discuss a few stretching exercises for the shoulder, a joint that requires proper care and preservation in order to execute any exercise as it should be. Shoulder stretches forms an important part of any good exercise regimen. You can execute shoulder stretches anywhere and at anytime, but only in a proper way and under supervision. Shoulder stretches are basically performed to warm up the body prior to any rigorous exercise practice; however, there are other benefits to it as well. Mentioned below are a few shoulder stretching exercises with proper explanation for you to try out.

Shoulder Stretching Exercises

Anterior Shoulder Stretch
  • In order to perform the anterior shoulder stretch, stand semi-perpendicular to the wall and reach behind with your arms until your elbows are straight.
  • Push your palm to the wall and turn your chest away from your hands. You will feel the stretch in your chest and upper arm.
  • Now turn your chest back, bend your elbows and slide your hand to the next position.
  • Repeat all four positions and hold yourself in one position for at least 30 seconds.
  • Make sure that you keep reaching behind your body with your arms as you switch or turn your body. If you experience some pain in your elbow, bend it a little pointing the tip of the elbow towards the floor.
  • If you experience pain in your back, reposition your elbow tip downward and reach with your hands beyond, standing closer to the wall until the pain subsides.
Posterior Shoulder Stretch
  • To perform the posterior shoulder stretch, stand against the wall with your upper back and head.
  • Cross your elbows behind and grab the thumb. Now lift your hands up and feel the stretch in the shoulder blade and back shoulder.
  • Hold yourself in this position for 30 seconds and then switch your arms.
  • Repeat the stretch on each arm thrice every day.
Hands In Reverse Prayer: Simple Shoulder Stretch
  • You can practice the reverse prayer either by sitting or standing. You will have to take your arms back and touch both the palms together with the fingers pointing upward.
  • Make sure that you don’t bend your back and keep the elbows out to each side.
  • Move your hands up towards the neck to increase the stretch. Hold your hands in this position for three breaths and then repeat the exercise.
  • Another stretch which you can perform is by moving the left hand behind your back with the back of the hand resting on the shoulder blade if possible.
  • The right hand should reach over the right shoulder to grasp it. Even if the fingers of both palms don’t touch each other, you will experience a stretch.
  • Make sure to keep the elbows pointed to the sides. Hold your position for three breaths and then repeat the exercise.
Shoulder Stretch Using The Entire Body (Standing Or Seated)
  • To perform the shoulder stretch using your entire body, stand with your legs hip width apart.
  • Clasp your hands behind your back and bend down forward lifting your arms higher.
  • The goal of the exercise is to get the clasped hands to the floor over your head in the bending position.
  • Hold the position for some time and then pull the arms back and up to lift the body back straight. You can perform this exercise even in a seated position.
Child’s Pose Floor Shoulder Stretch
  • To perform this exercise, position yourself on the floor like a child with your toes together and legs apart in a ‘V’ shape.
  • Your arms should be stretched on the floor from above your head.
  • Your right arm should draw under the stretched left arm with the lower portion of your body being raised.
  • Turn your head towards the left side as the upper body gently tilts in that direction. This will make the shoulders stand in a line.
  • Hold yourself in this position for five breaths. Now straighten both arms in front on the floor, as you lift your upper body to come out of the position.
  • Repeat the same procedure on the other side.

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