Want to know which food will suit your blood type and which will cause complications in your system? Read on to learn about the blood type diet developed by Dr. Peter D’Adamo.

Blood Type Diet

There is an English proverb that says “A diet is the penalty we pay for exceeding the feed limit.” Obesity and other related health problems are quite common today with maximum amount of youth getting affected by these problems due to their eating habits. People are slowly and gradually getting aware of the complications related to obesity and improper diet and there are many diet plans that have been planned to help people move towards a healthy life. One such diet plan developed by a naturopathic physician Dr. Peter D’Adamo is “The Blood Type Diet”. This diet plan is based on a simple theory that protein like compounds in food called as lectins react with different blood types to cause a number of health problems. Dr. Peter in his diet plan has provided a list of food items which contain lectins that are incompatible with each blood type. He provides the list of items that are beneficial and which are harmful to different blood types. Below mentioned are the details on the diet for different blood types available.
Diet For Different Blood Type
Diet For Type O Blood
The type O blood people fare well on intense exercise, animal protein and less of dairy products and grains. The gluten found in the wheat products is the main cause of weight gain in O type blood group. The diet for the individuals with type O blood puts emphasis on animal flesh and vegetables. People of this blood type should consume lean beef, lamb, turkey, chicken and seafood along with pinto beans, kale, collard greens and all other fruits and vegetables that are considered to be beneficial. People in this group should indulge in intensive exercise routine such as jogging, aerobics, martial arts, contact sports, cycling, swimming, brisk walking etc.
Diet For Type A Blood
Type A blood group is well suited for all the vegetarian dishes and food items. Their body structure gets well with food items that are fresh, pure and organic. Since type A is higher at risk to heart diseases, cancer and diabetes, following this diet plan will help strengthen the immune system of people under this blood group. Type A blood bloom on plant based diet and people under this group should consume lots of raw or steamed vegetables, lentils, soy beans, pinto beans, black beans and whole grains. The intake of dairy products, poultry and other such items should be kept to the minimal. This type is less active than that of type O, therefore does not require a vigorous exercise routine as that of type O. Yoga, tai chi, walking, meditating etc will well suit this particular blood type.
Diet For Type B Blood
Next in line is the type B blood which possesses a strong immune system and a tolerant digestive system when compared to the other blood types. The strong immune system gives people under this blood type immunity against various chronic degenerative illnesses or at least provides the strength to survive them better than the other blood types. This blood type has a diet plan more diverse than the other blood types. People under this blood type can eat seafood, beef, lamb and dairy products as well. Oats, millets, green vegetables and all fruits are beneficial for this blood type. Moderate physical exercise which involves mental balance is what is suitable for this blood type. Hiking, cycling, tennis and swimming are some sports people under this blood type should indulge in.
Diet For Type AB Blood
The last in the group is the recent blood type and the most complex of all viz. AB. This blood type is the amalgamation of the blood type A and B and is the most biologically complex blood type. Individuals with type AB blood are allowed to consume lamb, turkey, cultured dairy products, eggs, rice, tofu, plums and cherries. This group requires a combination of the exercises from type A and B list of exercises. A combination of yoga or pilates once in a week will be the perfect exercise routine for people under this blood type.
Foods To Be Avoided 
  • People under type O blood type should strictly avoid consuming dairy products, breads and pastas made out of wheat, cabbage and Brussels sprouts and corns. People under this blood type can consume eggs in moderate quantity.
  • Type A blood is completely opposite to type O when it comes to diet. Type A should strictly avoid consuming meat products, whole fat dairy products, peppers, tomatoes, tropical and citrus fruits.
  • Individuals with type B blood should avoid chicken, bacon, ham and shellfish. They should also limit their consumption of beef, wheat, rye, tomatoes and corn.
  • People with type AB blood should strictly avoid all types of smoked or cured meats. They should limit the consumption of beef, wheat, corn, tropical fruits, oranges and bananas.

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