A burn can be painful, but there are certain things that you can do to get rid of the scorching pain. Peer into this article for useful instructions on how to treat a burn.

How To Treat A Burn

Few pains can be more agonizing than that of a burn. Apart from the pain that a burn can cause, it can also result in a ghastly wound or superfluous impression on the skin. This only makes fire seem like such a dreadful thing; although it’s one of the blessings that mankind can count as his. The chances of a person getting a burn in today’s world are greater than ever before. It’s an unfortunate thing, but it unfortunately holds true. Increased possibilities of being burnt, however, only make it necessary for everyone to know how exactly to treat a burn. It is also important to know how to differentiate amongst a first-degree burn, second-degree burn and third-degree burn. Read on to gain access to instructions or guidance on how to treat a burn. Following these instructions to a T is extremely crucial for the success of its implementation. 
Treating A Burn  
  • The first thing to do when looking to treat a burn is to gauge the intensity of the injury. First-degree burns and second-degree burns are usually considered minor burns and can be treated at home without visiting a hospital. These types of burns are quick to heal and do not require copious amounts of care. To judge a burn, it is advisable to notice the size of the affected area. First degree burns and second-degree burns are usually only little less than three inches in diameter. A burn larger than this will require you to rush the victim to a hospital.
  • Start the process of treating a minor burn by running cool tap water over the wound. Most people tend to run water over a burn for a little less than a minute, which is wrong. It is extremely important to run cool tap water over the burn for at least five minutes. Do not use ice or very cold water.
  • If you notice charred embedded clothing stuck in the burn wound, do not remove it as it can only lead to profuse bleeding. However, if the clothing or jewelry is not too deep, you can extract it from the affected area. If you are apprehensive about extracting clothing or jewelry all by yourself, feel free to call for help.
  • Proceed to dry the burn by gently patting the area with a clean and dry cloth. Make it a point to pat dry the burn as wiping or rubbing the wound with a piece of cloth is a big no-no.
  • Once dry, apply aloe vera gel on it or any other soothing burn gel. Make sure the burn gel you use is a product with a great reputation. This is important because most over-the-counter burn gels hardly enjoy medical acceptance.
  • Dress the wound with a clean and sterilized bandage. Ensure that the bandage is dressed loose and the burn has enough ‘breathing space’.
  • Remember, if at any point during the process of treating a burn, you think it’s necessary to call for help or rush the victim to the hospital, feel free to do so. What is important here is the safety and well being of the victim, not how adept you are at treating the burn.

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