After a long day at beach, if you find yourself burnt, go for sunburn treatment at home. Check out the natural remedies given here to know how to treat sun burn at home.

Sunburn Treatment At Home

Today, getting tanned has become one of the most sought after fashion accessories. Go to any search engine online and you will get a thousand links on how to get proper tan. However, sadly, there is no guarantee of getting a perfect natural sun tan. So, you have only two options left, either get in line with Paris Hilton in getting fake tan or try to get safe natural tan. Sometimes, due to overexposure of sun, we find our skin burnt rather than tanned. Nonetheless, instead of running to a physician every time this happens, you should head towards your kitchen. As there lie hundreds of natural remedies that can cure your sun burn without burning a hole in your pocket. Go through this article to know about sunburn treatment at home.
How To Treat Sun Burn At Home
Potato Mask
Peel a potato, crush it and apply it directly on the skin. It assuages the pain and helps in replenishing the burnt skin.
Applying ice is also a good idea, to ease the pain. Keep the ice directly on the face or wrap it in a tissue first; either ways it’s helpful. It gives an instant relief from the sting and reduces the redness caused due to sun burn.
Cold, Raw Milk
Dip a ball of cotton in cold, raw milk and apply it on the affected area. It alleviates the burning sensation, reduces the pain and acts as natural bleach, thus reducing the tan. However, don’t use skimmed milk, as it is the fat present in the raw milk that is behind for the soothing.
Coconut Oil
It is always good to apply coconut oil before going in the sun and if you’ve got sun burnt, it works like wonder. It not only decreases the pain, but also helps in healing blisters.
Cold Tea Bags
Keep used tea bags in the fridge for some time and place them on the affected area. You can even keep some tea bags in a bucket and bathe with the water after sometime.
Cucumber Paste
Blend some cucumber pieces and apply them on the affected area. This will instantly soothe the skin and relievesthe burning sensation.
Boiled Cabbage Leaves
Boil some cabbage leaves. After they cool down, mash them and then apply their pulp on the sun burnt area. Leave them on for few minutes and then wash it off with cool water.
Green Gourd Paste
A paste of green gourd, if applied to the affected skin, soothes the burnt skin and also decreases the redness of the tan.
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera, with all its other beauty benefits, also helps replenish the sun burnt skin. Instead of buying its product, apply the plant pulp directly on the skin. Pluck a leaf and extract the pulp from it and directly apply on the skin.
Honey & Lime
Take two teaspoons of honey and add few drops of lemon juice. Mix them thoroughly. Apply evenly on the sun burnt area, leave it on for few minutes and wash off with cold water.
Vinegar is one of most amazing natural sun burn remedies. All you have to do is to soak a ball of cotton in vinegar and apply on the affected area. It lessens the sting and appeases the skin.
Sandalwood Paste
One of the most important natural beauty products, sandalwood paste also helps in alleviating the pain in sun burn. You can apply it by mixing it with water, but don’t forget to add a little rose-water to maximize the effect. Although it may sting a little, that only means its working.
Before you use any of these home remedies, make sure that you are not allergic to any of these products. Moreover, if you are the sunburn is excessive and you feel giddy or nauseated, consult a doctor without delay.

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