The secret to loose fat is by burning more calories than you take it. Explore this article to discover some tips to quickly burn calories.

Calorie Burning Tips

Burning those extra calories from the body can be a hell of a task for anyone who is looking forward to losing weight. Metabolism, the engine of our life, plays a great role in burning calories. So, majority of the calorie burning tips are centered on boosting the metabolism itself. Needless to say, every individual has a different body structure and lifestyle, affecting his/her metabolism as well. People who have a sedentary lifestyle burn about two-third of the calories burn by those who are active. So, a single technique of burning calories does not work for everyone. Rather than cursing the genes you were born with, understand your body needs and trigger your metabolism to work in your favor. However, keep in mind that you will have to treat your body as a child and be patient and consistent with the routine, so that your body gets a chance to adjust to the new lifestyle. We understand your needs and hence have enlisted some basic calorie burning tips in the lines below.
Ways To Burn Calories Fast
Have 5-6 Small Meals
Skipping meals or wide gaps between meals will make you ravenously hungry, leading to binge eating later on, which will add to your body fat. It can even lead to slow metabolism in the body, which will perceive it as starvation and store the extra fat, rather than burning it. So, eat small meals in a day, at least 5- 6 times. This will make you digestion better and even speed up metabolism.
Drink Cold Water
As opposed to the popular notion, drinking cold water burns an additional 9.25 calories, as compared to water at room temperature. It also aids in waste excretion, breathing, digestion and circulation of food. So, start having a ‘cold’ cuppa right from this moment onwards.
Build Muscle
Try building your muscle, as more the muscles, more the calories you burn. So, start indulging in muscle-building workouts. An intense cardio workout will also help you burn more calories, at a faster rate. You can even take up dancing or aerobic exercises, to burn extra calories.
Eat Foods That Burn Fat
Foods that rich in vitamin C, fiber and proteins are known to burn a lot of calories. They also help make the stomach feel full, in effect reducing your appetite. Vegetables represent another healthy food with high fiber and potassium content, which can help you burn calories.
Take Walk Every Hour
People in sedentary jobs burn fewer calories throughout the day. The best way to burn a few extra calories is to get up and walk around every hour. All additional movements, like a walk during lunch break; going to talk to the co-worker, rather than sending an email; and getting water for yourself will only add up to burn extra calories.
Lift Heavier Weights In Gym
Lifting up heavy weights will undoubtedly increase the amount of calories you burn, both during the session and after. It will aid in building significant amount of new muscle mass, which in turn helps burns calories. So, start lifting those weights right now.
Spice Up Your Food
If you can don’t mind your food a bit ‘hot’, adding hot spices to your food preparation is a great idea, since they can help speed up your metabolism. Ginger, cloves, coriander, and dry mustard are thermogenic in nature and hence, help the body burn fat.

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