Though a style statement, tattoos can be a pain if they start developing infection. With this article, explore the signs and symptoms of infected tattoo.

Infected Tattoo Symptoms

Tattoos are the recent fashion rage and have been considered to be cool and smart ways to look fashionable and chic. Right from simple designs to the intricate ones, tattoos have been tailored in such a way that they appeal to people of all ages and sex. Though adoring a tat on the body can go a long way in determining the fashion statement, it can also be the starting point for problems. One such problem is the risk of being infected. For many people, cutting or pricking of the skin can cause infection. In severe cases, people are seen to suffer from serious side effects. There are certain signs and symptoms that indicate that the tattoo has become infected. In the following lines, we have given detailed information on the signs and symptoms of infected tattoo.
Signs & Symptoms Of Infected Tattoo
One of the most common symptoms of an infected tattoo is that the color of the skin around the tattoo changes to pink or red. Apart from this, the area also becomes extremely itchy and prickly, indicating irritation/inflammation. The temperature around the tattooed area is warmer as compared to the rest of the body. While a little bit of irritation is okay on a fresh tattoo, but if the irritation increases with time, it is surely a sign that the person is probably suffering from infection.
Swelling around the tattooed area is another key characteristic of an infected tattoo. While a slight amount of swelling is typical and expected, it should not be excessive. Too much of swelling puffs up the tattoo area, making the design look distorted. In case the swelling is not treated, chances are it might spread out from the original area, causing infection.  
Fever & Muscle Ache
Fever is a common symptom that indicates that infection could be under way. Depending on the kind of severity, fever may range from being mild to severe. If the infection has been left untreated, chances are that the person might suffer from high fever. Along with fever, comes muscle ache as well. The pain, however, is restricted to the area beneath the tattoo.
Feeling a sense of discomfort or soreness is natural while getting a tattoo done. Soreness around the tattooed area depends on the kind of design imprinted. While a simple one color design causes less pain, a highly intricate tattoo would be far more painful. The pain usually persists for about 48 hours after the tattoo has been inscribed. However, if the pain does not fade away, it is likely that the infection might be caused.
Discharge & Foul Smell
Generally, all fresh tattoos emit a clear serum dotted with tiny blood spots. It is considered to be a natural part of the healing process. However, if the fresh tattoo starts emitting yellowish-green pus, there is surely a problem knocking at the door. Excessive blood discharge is also not considered typical and qualifies as one of the infected tattoo symptoms. Apart from this, foul smell coming out of the tattoo is also one of the symptoms.
Red Streaks
Red steaks are dangerous and should not be present in the immediate vicinity of the tattooed area. In case there are red streaks radiating outside from the tattoo area, it can be signs of blood poisoning. Consulting a doctor immediately is best advised, as untreated red streaks are a cause for concern.

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