Almond oil is good for you, and there is no denying that. Peer into the depths of this article to gain familiarity with the ways of using almond oil.

Almond Oil Uses

Ever been with people who are fanatic about dieting and staying fit? Well, if you have, you probably know how conscious these people are about the food they eat and how quick they are usually, to say no to ‘oily’ food. To an extent the oily abstinence of dieters is justified, but when you look at the whole affair in terms of health, certain oils are actually good for you. Almond oil just happens to be one such oil. Almond oil is sourced from the white and pink flowers of the almond plant. The oil that is produced from white flowers is sweet and better known as ‘sweet almond oil’. The oil that is sourced from pink flowers is bitter and is popularly known as ‘bitter almond oil’. Both oils come with a variety of uses. Make a move and read on to know more on the uses of almond oil (sweet and bitter).
Uses Of Almond Oil
The uses of almond oil can be divided into two broad categories, namely, the uses of sweet almond oil and the uses of bitter almond oil.
Uses Of Sweet Almond Oil
Massage Therapy And Aromatherapy
Sweet almond oil, in its purest form, is great for the skin. With almond oil, it doesn’t matter if your skin is dry or oily, it still is wonderful for your skin. This is exactly why almond oil is so extensively used in massage therapy these days. Your skin, when treated with almond oil, instantly emits an enviable glow. Almond oil is rich in oleic and linoleic essential fatty acids, which makes it a great remedy for muscle aches. Almond oil can also make a person look a lot younger than he or she actually is. What’s more, it has found an enviable status in aromatherapy too.
Cosmetic Uses
Since sweet almond oil is blessed with moisturizing properties, it is widely used in the soap manufacturing industry to produce moisturizing soaps. What’s more, you can use sweet almond oil to make your own homemade soap bar too. Apart from soaps, almond oil is used to manufacture a large number of cosmetic products and toiletries as well.
Culinary Advantages
Not many people know that sweet almond oil is edible and makes for yummy salad dressing. Unprocessed sweet almond oil however is a complete no-no when it comes to using the same for culinary purposes. The processed variant is what you should be zeroing in on.
Uses Of Bitter Almond Oil
As An Anesthetic
Bitter almond oil can be used to provide relief from pain. Believe it or not, but the glycoside and amygdaline present in bitter almond oil actually causes the nerves to go numb to pain or any other infliction. The oil should however be used only externally and under no circumstances should be ingested.
As A Diuretic
Although it is not safe to ingest bitter almond oil, small processed portions of the same can do wonders for you. It actually helps the body to rid itself of toxic substances. However, it is important to consume bitter almond oil only under medical supervision. This is mostly because only a doctor or health practitioner can provide expertise on just how much of bitter almond oil is right for you. Anything more than the optimal amount of bitter almond oil can prove harmful.
As A Febrifuge
As a febrifuge, bitter almond oil can be used to treat fevers. However, this too has to be done under medical supervision and in small amounts.

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