Flavonoids not only scavenge free radicals, but also protect the human body from series of ailments. To know more on the benefits of flavonoids, read on.

Flavonoids Benefits

Sick of flu and seasonal bugs? Beat the bacteria, microbes and pesky viruses with some healthy noshing and bid adieu to a runny nose, pounding head and muscle aches for good. Buy it or not, food can be your ultimate penicillin to healthy living. However, that doesn’t mean that you polish off plates of fries or gorge on luncheon meat, sodas and candies. If you are totally deadbeat scouring for the right diet, look no further that your neighborhood grocery store. You will find aisles and aisles of health boosting elixirs loaded with essential antioxidants and biochemical compounds, good enough to boost your immunity and extend your lifespan by years. You don’t really need to hog on super foods for that. Just getting hold of colorful and fresh fruits and veggies can work wonders for your health. Most brightly hued veggies, fruits and herbs contain flavonoids like quercetin, catechins and xanthohumol that apart from boosting your immunity, protects your body from the damaging impact of free radicals. Flavonoids are wonder compounds that can not only enhance your longevity, but may also delay or stall the onset of several diseases. If you wish to explore more on the benefits of flavonoids, read on. 
Benefits Of Flavonoids 
  • Ever wondered what makes cherries so red and blueberries so very blue? It’s this plant pigment called flavanoids that gives fruits and veggies their wonderful red, yellow and orange hues. This phytonutrient, primarily feted for its antioxidant properties, is known to extenuate damages induced by free radicals and denigrate the impact of ‘oxidative stress’. Including flavonoids in your daily diet can thus thwart the risk of all degenerative diseases like cancer and melanomas.
  • Believe it or not, drinking red wine can keep atherosclerosis away? Red wine is rich in flavonoid phenolics that is believed to prevent clotting and formation of plaques in the arteries. Consuming rich flavonoid sources like cranberries, red berries, red grapes, cherries, pears, peaches and plums can prevent sticky cholesterol and lipids from lodging on your arterial walls and thwart the risk of coronary artery disease, cardiac arrest and stroke.
  • Flavonoids have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-allergic properties. Consuming tea, onions, soy and wine can keep chronic ailments like arthritis, osteoporosis and diabetes at bay. Because of their anti-viral properties, flavonoids are deemed as essential remedies against herpes simplex virus, parainfluenza virus and the adenovirus.
  • Consuming flavonoid rich diet or supplements everyday can inhibit platelet aggression, which is often responsible for diseases like acute thrombus platelet formation and atherosclerosis. Since flavonoids have several antioxidant benefits that prevents oxidation of human LDL and inhibits the adhesion and aggression of platelets in the blood.
  • Apart from its anti-oxidizing benefits, flavonoids have several anti-ulcer and anti diarrheal properties that help the body to combat all kinds of gastrointestinal woes. Apples, onions, celery, garlic, cranberry juice and tea have flavonoids that help to protect the internal coating of stomach by preventing the growth of Helicobacter pylori.
  • Not only this, flavonoids are effective against asthma, atopic dermatitis, candida infection, gout, varicose vein and more. Vegetable flavonoids contain apigenin that helps to suppress or reduce the rate of asthma and other allergies related to the immunoglobulin E.

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