If you love your nut butter and like to eat it too, then exploring the difference between almond and peanut butter should help you make a healthier choice.

Almond Butter Vs Peanut Butter

How often have you come home hungry after a really long day at work and rushed to your fridge and ravenously polished off peanut butter sandwiches or wolfed down the almond butter smeared cracker? The very mention of yummy peanut or almond butter is good enough to get one’s stomach growling with hunger. If you are someone, who cannot think of your daily morning toast, late afternoon sandwich or even late night grub without a generous dollop of nut butter, then this article is indeed for you. Both peanut and almond butter draw their nutritional value from their patent sources, are rich sources of fat and proteins, and happily do their bit to boost our health. Then why the big debate on almond versus peanut? Well, it’s no surprise that almond has higher nutritional value than peanuts and is more popular among nuts. If you are inclined to know which butter is better for you, just scroll down the following article and find out for yourself.
Difference Between Almond Butter And Peanut Butter 
  • Good old peanut butter or yummy exotic almond butter? Well, if you are torn between your choices of butter, then exploring more on the pros and cons of both peanuts and almonds should leave you with a healthier choice. Before you dunk your jaws on the yummy peanut butter sandwiches or chow down delectable almond butter sticks, know that both peanut and almond butter contains large amounts of good fats that are low in saturated fats and high in monosaturated fats, making these high-carb treats totally heart friendly.
  • Both peanut and almonds are powerhouses of protein, carbs, vitamins and fibers which make them great health options. Peanuts are rich source of flavanoids called reservatol that minimizes the risk of stroke and brain damage and contains higher levels of antioxidants that help cut down on oxidative stress. Likewise, almonds too contain antioxidants, high fiber and monosaturated fats that help control weight, blood sugar levels, maintain a healthy heart and slump down cholesterol levels.
  • On the flipside, prolonged consumption of peanut butter can cause liver cancer. Peanuts are home to a carcinogenic fungus called aspergillus flavus that is known to release aflatoxin B1 that can cause cancer in the long run. This leaves us to the next best option- almond butter. Not only is almond butter better tasting than peanut butter, it is also scientifically a healthier option. Aflatoxin does not grow on almonds, which makes it a safer bet than peanuts. What's more, almonds are rich in protein and contains higher levels of unsaturated fats than peanuts making them a clear winner in this case.
  • All said and done, almond butter may be a little heavy on the pocket for regular peanut butter lovers. Nevertheless, almond butter offers countless health perks, especially those that come without any oil or fillers. Considering its high health pluses, shelling out a few extra bucks shouldn’t really hurt your pocket. Also, if you like your butter slightly grainier and crispier, then almond is indeed your bet.  However, remember to consume it in moderation.

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