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Benefits of Marriage

Although they would never admit it, most people who avoid marriage for a long time are not as fearful of the “loss of freedom” as much as they fear the addition of responsibilities. They fear that, after the festivities are over, they will be left to clear a messy house all by themselves; they would rather have their beloved mom pick up the stuff that they strew around with carefree abandon. Marriage is one word, that sends chill down the spine of every working professional these days, especially women, because, let’s face it, they do lose out on a considerable amount of freedom. Nevertheless, with more and more men accepting, and even appreciating, the way women balance professional and family lives – some of them actually try to make everyday life easier for their women by helping them around the house, taking care of the kids and so on – the gender roles have become fairly, if not completely, balanced within this framework of marriage. Even the modern day mothers-in-law are equally appreciative of the efforts a professionally active wife has to make to run the house; some of them actually support their daughters-in-law at the cost of their sons, greet the working women with a warm glass of Women’s Horlicks on her return from work and offer to take care of  children when she becomes a mother. Thus, the societal, financial as well as emotional and psychological benefits of marriage are many, if explored.
Benefits of Getting Married
All About Money, Honey 
The very first benefit that anyone could think up of marriage is the fact that it is not just the man and woman or the two families that get married, it is also their incomes. Those women who would be asked to quit the job, should know that only husbands who have income to suffice for both, would say that. Today, men have become sensible enough to know that, managing job and home is not a cakewalk. Most of them wouldn’t mind a working woman, if she could manage both the jobs. Moreover, aren’t women excellent at multi-tasking?
Come Home To Me 
Men and women who truly understand the meaning of marriage, often find it relaxing to come home to someone who cares for them at the end of a tiring and, perhaps,very stressful day. They are those people who share everything from expenses to feelings to chores. In fact, most successful marriages are those wherein both the man and woman act as anti-stress mechanism for each other. 
Legally Yours 
The legal benefits of being married are perhaps the most rewarding. A woman who is legally married enjoys a lot more benefits that unmarried partners do, though the Indian courts have decided to bring the live-in relationship at par with a legal marriage. Laws banning dowry, those declaring domestic violence as a punishable offence, those pertaining to divorce and alimony and also the custody of children always consider and give a greater thoughtfulness to a married woman.
Societal Pluses 
An increase in the social status is just one thing that a woman enjoys when she gets married. She may step into a new house with a lot of expectations on her shoulders, but she is also befriended by the relatives in a bid, to make this new life easy for her. Men who get married find it easier to get a rented accommodation, a hike in their salaries and so on. 
One For The Odds 
You need a plumber at three in the morning? Don’t worry, get married. You need a cook who can cook like mommy, but will never even ask for compliments? Don’t get tensed, get a bride! Imbecile gender-jokes apart, it does save a lot of money, time and energy for a woman to have a man who can do a variety of odd jobs from fixing a leak to configuring her laptop. For a man, it can mean being greeted with a squeaky-clean, fresh-smelling home, and home-cooked, nutritious food, just the way mommy made it.   

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