Spice up things in your relationship with these romantic games for couples. To pick your cues, surf through this write-up on games for couples and get playing.

Games For Couples

Bored of playing poker with your partner every Sunday afternoon or vegging out in front of the small screen on weekdays? Why not try something sizzling this time around and get the steam on? Spice up your weekends with these fun couple games and reignite the passion in your relationship. By sizzling hot game, we definitely don’t mean the outrageous mattress moves or the bold boudoir bet. Remember, these games aren’t the barometers to gauge your steaminess or couple quotient. Rather, these red-hot frisky games are meant to ignite the warmth in your relationship and shoot a bit of levity into your lives. Whether you wish to sauce up your love life or tweak up some sensuality in your otherwise bland relationship, these fun romantic games for couples are sure to give you a high.  So what are you waiting for, shut the blinds, turn off your cell phones and get on with a night of sport and fun. And yes, don’t forget to play nice, yet naughty.
Romantic Games For Couples
The Hunt!
Looking for fun, spirited ways to romp up your rapport with your guy? Just slip in a few mushy notes with romantic gifts and cryptic clues for your mate in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or any other favorite corner of your house, then sit back and wait for him to pick his cues. Make sure to attach a clue with every gift to help him figure out his next move. Every time he cracks a clue, grant him one wish. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how much fun your guy will have cracking the cues and getting his innermost needs gratified. Plus yes, don’t forget to reward him with a romantic dinner, some wine and a relaxing rub down later!
Romantic Scrabble
Do you guys love to bond over board games? Well, then this game of romantic scrabble is sure to ignite some passion into your good old game of scrabble. All you have to do is bend the rules to suit your verve and mood. You can indulge in some “dirty talking” with a game of “Sexy Scrabble” or go absolutely naughty with “Strip Scrabble”. Doesn’t matter how you kick off your game, just make sure that the rewards are gratifying!
Truth Or Dare
Romp up your couple quotient with a rousing round of naughty truth or dare questions and set yourself for surprising discoveries. To add a dash of wild fun to your game, you can pitch in spicy truth questions like “If I were handcuffed to the bed, what would you do to me?” or hurl edgy daring challenges like “Eat a piece of fruit in the most sensual way possible”. You guys are going to have a ball playing this game!
Roll The Dice
Wish to add a little kick to your otherwise drab courtship? Try this fun game and unleash the naughty lover in you. To play this game, you will need a pair of dice to begin with. Chalk out a romantic chart on a blank sheet and create two lists—the first should include six romantic things like hug, kiss, caress, squeeze, massage etc, while the next list should catalog places like toes, kitchen, couch, shoulder, bed etc. Each one of you has to roll the dice turn by turn and then has to do what the two numbers matches up to. For instance, kiss in the couch or squeeze the shoulder etc.
Messages On Back
Have some naughty fun with this fun and interesting game? To play this game, you will need is a little bit of imagination and a great guesswork. Ask your partner to scribble a romantic word or message on your back and all you have to do is guess the message correctly. In case you fail to get the cue, you will have to return a favor, which would mean exactly doing the thing that was scribbled on your back.

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