Age difference in marriage is a question which is losing its relevance in the world. Find out more on extreme and ideal age differences in India.

Age Difference In Marriage

According to the popular belief in India, marriages are made in heaven but solemnized on earth. However, in the fast paced modern world, the definitions are varying drastically. In the contemporary world, marriages are more so ‘man made’. At the same time the age difference in marriage, which used to be a big issue in the earlier times, does not seem to be an issue at all. As the society is experiencing a change, there are many unconventional practices, coming to the fore front and age disparity is one of them.
There are a number of reasons, such as women empowerment, societal advancement and bold sexual preferences, responsible for the prevalent phenomena in which age difference between couples has ceased to be an issue. On one hand, we see an age difference of hardly a few months, one the other, there is 15 years age gap. However, the consequences of the alterations in the marriage and lifestyle norms can actually disfigure the whole system. To know more about the extreme as well as the ideal age difference in couples, read on.
Extreme Gap
As the age barriers in the institution of marriage are gradually fading away, people are becoming more courageous and adventurous. The latest trend in the marriage market is young guys baiting older women and vice versa. According to the traditional customs and beliefs, the bride was always supposed to be younger than the groom. However, this age gap was usually kept to somewhere between 5 to 8 years.
In the present scenario you will find instances, wherein the bride is ‘ages’ younger than the groom. That means the age difference can be anything more than ten years. Though at times, a wide age gap between two partners might not pose any problem at all, quite a number of times it is seen that in the long run, differences do surface up. Some of the major issues which might bother the couple in such kind of a relation are:
  • Infidelity is the biggest threat to a relation, especially when the woman is considerably older than the man. Moreover the higher the age difference, the greater the risk.
  • Generation Gap is another factor which might spoil a relation in case of a wide age gap. Differences in lifestyle, moral values and even petty things related to daily life like hobbies, may make the couple unable to relate with each other. The situation can worsen, if the peer of any of the spouse is of opposite sex and gets more attention.
  • Sex Drive Disparity can also be termed as a major factor of dispute in such couples. If the age gap is more than 15 years, both the partners will have a completely different perception and preference towards sexual activity. This may eventually lead to problems. 
Ideal Age
If we talk about ideal age difference in a marriage, it should be anything between 3 to 5 years. If we go by biology, men mature later than women and therefore need time to be able to shoulder the responsibilities of the family. This has been one of the major reasons behind choosing an older guy. However, for ambitious, career oriented girls, it is advised not to delay the marriage, beyond limits. As it might become a problem in relation with their biological clock. Moreover, even if the guy is younger than the girl, the age gap should not be too great.

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