You must be surprised to know that there are indeed certain criteria on giving the right tip for a service. Explore the article to know the proper tipping etiquette.

Proper Tipping Etiquette

Good service deserves to be rewarded, and for this you can’t depend on any book guidelines to guide you on what and how much you should tip for a service. There might arise a question in your mind as to why you should give a tip, when they are being paid for the job. Well, to tip is to show your appreciation for the job well done, and also to show your happiness for the services offered. Tipping is strictly voluntary, and there are no laws that say that you must tip. But, since, tipping has become so ingrained in popular culture that to prevent any embarrassment it is necessary that not only you give a tip but also know the proper etiquette for doing so. Very often when you had gone to a restaurant and tipped the waiter, you may be surprised to find him or her giving you a harsh look. Then you should understand that the amount you tipped must be smaller than the standard. Then there are some people who stand meekly near you expecting tips for not rendering any particular service. Therefore, to avoid falling for the harsh or gentle look of the waiter you should know what could be the reasonable tipping amount for each service provided. This will make you confident enough to tip without doubts and confusion. Always remember that a generous tip will keep you in their good books, and so the next time you visit the place you can expect excellent service. The main thing is that the more you make the server or the waiter work, the more tip you should give. Read more to know about the proper tipping etiquette.
Proper Tipping Etiquette
At A Salon
It is considered that the standard amount for a salon gratuity is 15% to 20%, which depends on the quality of the services, the talent and techniques of the hair stylist, and on whether or not you are likely to visit the salon frequently. If you feel all these factors are positive then you can offer a tip in the range of 20%. You don’t have to worry about the people who get you tea or juice, and the ones who shampoo your hair because they will get a percentage from the tip.
At A Bar
Tipping a bar tender is a fairly easy job when compared to tipping others. You can tip the bartender anything from 10% to 15% according to the complexity of your drink order. For example, if you order only a beer bottle, there is not much effort involved in offering the service, but if you order a cocktail, which takes time to prepare, or you order many things then you have to give a more sizable tip, somewhere nearer to the 15% range.
At A Hotel
It is routine stuff to leave the maid a few bucks for cleaning your hotel room. If you have extra needs such as more soap, towels or an extra toothbrush, it is good to thank the maid with additional gratuity. When checking in and out of a hotel, tip the bellboy a few change, unless you have particularly large or heavy bags. If you have heavy bags you can add a little more to your usual tip.
At A Restaurant
In a restaurant you can offer up to 15% to 20% of your total bill, and you should always remember that the amount you tip reflects the total price before any coupons, gift certificates etc. If you go to a restaurant in a large group then you should tip an amount which is closer to the 20% mark. If someone of your gang insists on having extra bread, more water, extra dressing on the side, then you should compensate the server who extended the service after including the extra rates.

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