Does thinking of going on a date gives you jitters? Here are few tips on how to keep your cool and make a good impression on your first date.

How To Keep Yourself From Being Nervous On A Date

Dating is all about meeting a person and figuring out if you are comfortable in their company and would like to continue meeting that person, based on which a relationship can be built. Remember that all people are not meant for each other and things can go wrong if you’re not a good match for each other. The key to not being nervous is to stop being self-conscious. Instead of thinking about all the things that could go wrong on a date, think of all the good things that can come out of it. The key to putting yourself and your date at ease is to make the date your first priority. Simple things such as holding doors, pulling out a chair, minding your language can do wonders for the date. In the end, it is a simple matter of compatibility. Keep in mind that not all people are confident while on a date. Here are a few simple tips on how to keep you from being nervous on a date.
Tips To Keep Yourself From Being Nervous On A Date
  • If possible, learn about the other person’s likes and dislikes from mutual friends. Knowing a person’s favorite food or favorite flowers can be a perfect icebreaker.
  • Plan the date beforehand, if it’s a movie date, book tickets in advance so you don’t end up without tickets and start the date with a bad impression.
  • Dress in comfortable clothes and if possible use a pleasant smelling cologne or perfume, people almost always feel comfortable around others who smell good. Being yourself is not an excuse to be dressed in shabby clothes and meeting your date smelling like you just ran two miles to get there.
  • Be interested in getting to know the other person, ask them about their life and things they like to spend time on. No one is interested in talking too long to a person who is too self involved.
  • Think before you speak and act, if you’re not looking for a one night stand, be sensitive to the other person’s feelings and refrain from saying or doing things that might be considered offensive to him or her.
  • If you are the kind that gets really nervous in the company of the opposite sex, it would be a wise thing if you can excuse yourself, go to the restroom and take couple of deep breaths to calm your nerves.
  • Be yourself, don’t try too hard to be someone you’re not, your date might find you more comfortable to be around with if you loosen up a bit.
Remember that it is always better to know that if things don’t work out it would be better not to prolong it and later figure out that you both have compatibility issues. If none of the above tips work for you, remember there are plenty of people out there and you will find your special someone someday.

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