The body language of men and women helps to get clues to what the opposite gender is trying to convey. Read the article to know the difference between men and women body language.

Body Language Of Men And Women

It is widely believed that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Just like men and women are considered to be from different planets, so are their differences when it comes to body language. However, it does not mean that one gender is inherently ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than the other. In fact, it only means that they have different tendencies and characteristics. Most of the body gestures that men and women make are completely subconscious. In reality, we may not even be aware that we are giving off a signal by using a part of our body. Good communication skills include verbal as well as non-verbal gestures. Body language, a part of the non-verbal communication, is an outward reflection of a person’s emotional condition. Interpreting non-verbal clues is extremely essential to understand the other person. Given here are some fundamental differences between the body language of men and women. Read on to know more about the opposite gender.  
Difference Between Men And Women Body Language
  • Women are more likely to display nurturing behavior, show emotions and let their feelings come through. Conversely, men generally display behaviors of power, dominance and assertiveness.
  • When men lie, their body language appears relaxed. Women, on the other hand, pretend to look busy when they lie.
  • In day to day living, men display facial gestures that are more relaxed and express less warmth, while women’s gestures are lighter and more flexible.
  • Men smile more frequently and the smile takes time to fade away. Women, too, smile frequently, but the smile lasts only for a while.
  • In case of a positive atmosphere of the conversation, women bend towards the speaker, while men bend their head towards the side.
  • If the situation is negative, a woman will not indulge in eye contact. Conversely, a man would look more steadily towards the interlocutor.
  • Both men and women look directly into the eyes of their interest while conversing. However, men may move their eyes indicating their nervousness, while women, many a times, shy off and bend their head.
  • Men show their interest in women by sitting close to them or touching their shoulder or arms softly, while talking. Conversely, women touch the arms or shoulders of men softly only if they like the physical closeness of the person.
  • Men rarely make compliments and joke more rather. Women, on the other hand, pass compliments and hardly joke.
  • Men prefer using strict and direct formulations and are less talkative than women. Their sounds are more loud and brisk, but monotonous, as compared to the sounds of women.
  • Women often use elegant phrases like “it would be extremely kind of you”, “it was incredible”, “we have spent an unforgettable evening” and so on. Contrarily, men can be seen using phrases, such as “always”, “never”, “nobody”, “everybody”, “all”, and so on.
  • Men love speaking about their achievements and successes, which women are not very fond of. Hence, this behavior of women is often considered as a lack or even absence of talents by most men.
  • If offended, women, though do not blurt out their emotion instantly, bear the malice for a longer duration and burst into tears often. As for men, they raise their voice and display the emotion of feeling snubbed, in the form of yelling and shouting.
  • Women, being more sensitive than men, are more likely to get hurt by rude and impolite words. Such words are likely to bring in a rapid change in facial expressions and body language.

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