Don’t let being a busy parent rob you of your romantic side. Read on to get some great ideas for romance even if you are a parent.

Romance Ideas For Busy Parents

The kids keep you on your feet all day, and, by the end of the day, you are so exhausted, that you just wish you could drop into bed. This routine continues over many days, and, at the end of a few months, you find that you have almost forgotten what it means to be romantic. Parenthood is fulfilling. However, this does not mean that you have to lose your relationship with your mate. Granted, with today’s hectic pace of living, it is difficult to focus on one’s relationship as a couple. However, there are ways to set aside time for each other and to keep the flame of romance alive, even if you are a busy parent. Read on to get some great romantic ideas for busy parents. 
Great Romantic Ideas For Busy Parents 

Special Gestures
Surprise your spouse with something unexpected. This could be as simple as bringing home a romantic CD, or a funny movie, that you know you could enjoy together. This will be great to help both of you relax at the end of the day, and re-discover each other again. You could also plan a romantic get-away for a night, and get your parents to babysit your children. 

Date Night At Home
If getting a baby-sitter is out of the question, or if you just can’t get time off to be alone, you could try out a candle-lit dinner after the kids have gone to bed. Sit up and talk to each other. In the time that you spend together, do not speak about the children, but let it just be about the two of you alone. Try to use your time alone to re-kindle the old romantic flame that brought both of you together, in the first place. Recall what attracted each of you to the other, and try to re-capture some of that forgotten magic. 

Sweet Messages
Little notes, a quick call while at work, or probably placing a surprise note in your spouse’s lunch – these are great ways, to remind your spouse, of the intimate connection that you share. Plan time for intimacy later and make sure you tell your spouse through the day that you are looking forward to that time together. 

Schedule Time Together
Try to schedule time just for both of you, as a couple, at least once a week. This need not be at night only – you could try to schedule a lunch out or even go shopping for the weekly groceries together. Spending time together helps people bond more and draw closer to each other. 

Intimate Appointments
If you find that, you have not had the time or energy to be intimate in a long time, try setting an appointment. It might sound silly, but this actually works! Set an appointment and work towards keeping it. This does not destroy the romance in your marriage. Rather, the anticipation created will enhance the pleasure of the time spent together.

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