To show respect to others is a duty. Read the article below to have an idea on how to be respectable towards others.

How To Be Respectful Towards Others

Treat others, as you want them to treat you. To earn respect you must first, give respect and give it to yourself too, as, if you don’t respect yourself, no one else will respect you. Merely saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ doesn’t mean that you are being respectful. In the daily grind and stress of everyday life, we have forgotten the moral obligation of respecting others so that we are also respected in turn. If you can earn the respect of your peers and fellows, then it’s a life well lived as it is the hardest thing to get, even taking up an entire lifetime. Respect can never be forced as it comes straight from the heart. A person may respect another because of fear but that is not true respect. True respect only comes when you empathize with the other person, which will make him or her feel respected and so return the favor. To put other peoples need before yours, will convey your respect to others. Respect is the pillar that supports the bridge called relationship. Given below are tips to help you be more respectable towards others.
Tips To Be Respectful 
  • Be kind. Showing kindness towards others is the best way to endear you to them. A simple act of kindness can show your respect towards others.
  • Listen attentively and show interest in whatever is said. Many a times, not showing attention, makes the other person feel that, you are not taking him or her seriously. This can be configured as lack of respect as the person may think that you do not consider him or her at par with you. So, the next time, he or she also won’t give any attention to you.
  • Good manners are the essential quality to show respect. So, cultivate good manners, as people get a sense of respect, when they interact with a well-mannered person. Good behavior automatically earns the respect of others.
  • Do not stereotype other people. Stereotyping makes, you come across as a narrow-minded person. It also shows your lack of respect for the person, you are stereotyping.
  • Understand other peoples, like and dislikes. This shows your commitment to them.
  • Don’t dictate or belittle anyone because of his or her background, religion, or social status. It is not only ill mannered, but also signals bad breeding.
  • You cannot respect anyone whom you mock, tease or backbite. Throw these out and you will feel respect for people. Once you start respecting the people, you used to back bite or tease; you will gradually develop the sense of respecting everyone.
  • Apologizing for your mistake, can show how much you respect the other person. When you apologize for a mistake or a hurt you caused, conveys your sincere regret and the person will appreciate your sense of love and respect for him or her.
  • When you respect someone, you must also respect his choice and free will. So, don’t pressurize anyone to do something which he or she is not willing to do. When you give priority to someone’s right to choose, you show him or her respect.
  • To show respect, value other people’s opinion. This does not mean blindly follow whatever they say. You must show your understanding of his or her opinion, and then present your reasons for agreement or disagreement.

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