Tired of being looked down upon or looking into the mirror to see a dull ‘you’ every day, here are a few tips on how to change your image.

Easy Ways To Change Your Image

Ever thought about changing certain undesirable characteristics that have become part of your personality or appearance? Changing an image that has been inculcated over the years requires a certain amount of determination and will power. The right way to go about would be to look within you and determine what characteristics require to be polished and what needs to be changed, added, or suppressed to make you feel more confident and good about yourself. Different people in different environments require different changes or makeovers to their images to suit the environment they are in. Therefore, it is recommended that you first ascertain what type of a makeover you would prefer, be it a student’s profile or that of a professional in a work force. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you go about an image makeover:
How To Change Your Image 
  • You need to have an image of you in your head and zero in on the traits that make you feel uncomfortable on the inside or the outside. You also need to figure out how you would like to feel on the inside before you start thinking about changes you could make on the outside.
  • You need to look for people with strong traits and whether any of those traits appeal to you. Opting for a softer or a tougher outlook on life, to be a more compelling personality or to be less imposing are all examples of what you could want to change in yourself.
  • An image makeover does not work overnight unless you are only thinking of a fabulous hairdo when you’re talking about an image makeover. If the change is sudden and drastic, you will come across as someone who is trying too hard to change the way they are, which need not always work in your favor. Look for traits that you would like to change in yourself and remind yourself occasionally to change that particular character flaw.
  • Look for traits in people you admire, and try to emulate these characteristics into your personality. It is recommended that before emulating be absolutely certain that the particular trait is a desirable one.
  • The way you look on the outside can influence the way you feel on the inside. Sometimes a simple hairdo or a change in wardrobe can make you more confident, and might even change attitudes that others have towards you. Look for those particular traits that you are particularly dissatisfied with and opt for a change. You never know what wonders it might do for your social life.
  • If you feel that, your clothes don’t do justice to the rest of your personality, step out and look for clothes you feel comfortable in and that will boost your self esteem. How you look on the outside will almost always mirror the reactions towards you. Choose clothes that flatter your body type, make sure the eyes of the person in front of you sweep up to your face and stay there.
  • After you have followed all the above steps, make sure you walk with confidence, and remember what you are trying to change about yourself. There is no point in changing your hairstyle and your wardrobe if you still maintain your old image in your mind.
  • Once you have changed certain characteristics of your old self, be it your make-up, hairdo, wardrobe or something as complex as the pattern of your conversation, always keep in mind that you are a more attractive and sophisticated person than you previously were.

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