Changing surname after marriage and taking up their husbands’ surname is a common practice for the women folk. Read the article to know to how change your last name.

How To Change Your Last Name After Marriage

Most women are required to change their surname after getting married. While some willingly take on their spouse’s last name, others combine the last names. However, taking a husband’s last name after marriage is entirely a personal choice on the bride’s behalf. This tradition of changing the last name after getting married has been followed for a long time now almost everywhere around the globe. In most western countries, a bride can get her last name changed after obtaining an official copy of the marriage license or certificate. Getting a new Social Security card is the most crucial part of legally changing a name. However, when it comes to India, the last name can be changed after obtaining a marriage certificate itself, which serves as a proof of registration of a marriage. Read on further to know how to change your last name after marriage.
Changing Surname After Marriage
 In India
  • Get a copy of your marriage certificate. The process of obtaining the certificate is different in different states. Hence, contact the marriage officer in your respective state.
  • After you obtain your marriage certificate, hand it over to the local authorities, along with a copy of your husband’s passport. The authorities will change your name officially.
  • After your last name is changed, notify the appropriate bodies about the same. There are two ways to get this done. First, you can take your marriage certificate to a public notary who will hand over a joint notarized affidavit enlisting your maiden name and the changed name that you will be known by and your signature. The affidavit will also include photos of you and your husband.
  • With the help of the affidavit and the marriage certificate, you can get your name changed with the tax office, on your driver’s license and at your bank.
  • The second option is to present your marriage certificate to the office of the state government gazette, instead of visiting a public notary. The gazette will publish an announcement regarding your name change in the local newspapers and give you multiple copies of the advertisement. All this will require only a small nominal fee. This copy of gazette, along with your marriage certificate, is sufficient as an official notice. Use these documents to get your name changed with the tax office, on your driver’s license and at your bank.
In America
  • Get extra certified copies of your marriage certificate. Normally, you are given one copy when you officially register your marriage. If you do not get one, request a certified copy of your marriage certificate. This will include a nominal fee.
  • Get a name change form from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or Motor Vehicle Services/ Commission (MVS/MVC).
  • Complete the form and submit it along with a certified copy of the marriage certificate.
  • The department may charge a fee for giving a new driver’s license with your new surname. However, most agencies waive this fee in case of new brides.
  • Visit the Social Security Administration office and fill in the modification form. Attach a certified copy of your marriage certificate and you will get your new Social Security card highlighting the change.
  • In case you want to make changes in any other agencies or businesses, such as bank accounts, passports, credit cards, mortgages/ leases, loans, car, health and insurance, you will have to submit your new driver’s license and Social Security card, along with a certified copy of marriage certificate.
  • Also, get your surname updated with your employer, your local post office, the voter registry, and other city and county agencies.

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