Do you think that your friends have faith in you? Explore the article to find some valuable tips on how to tell your friends trust you, and know whether they find you dependable or not.

How To Tell if Your Friends Trust You

Trust has been rightly singled out as the foundation of any relationship, including friendship and no relation can sustain for long with the existence of a trust deficit. Not many of your friends will have real faith in you, as you would like to believe. In fact, winning trust is, by far, the most challenging aspect of relationships. Sometimes, it takes years, even a complete lifetime, to trust someone and win his/her trust. However, some things come naturally in a friendship and faith certainly, is one of them. In you want to know how to tell if your friends have faith in you or not, read the article and find some valuable tips on the same.
How To Know If Your Friends Have Faith In You
Do They Share Their Secrets?
No matter how clichéd it sounds, if your friends trust you with their secrets, there is a very bright possibility that the have a lot of faith on you. Imagine with whom will you share things that you don’t want everyone to know? It would only be with a close friend, whom you trust as much as you trust yourself! While a few of your friends may be fiercely protective of their privacy and may not divulge their secrets to anyone, those who do, surely find you trustworthy and reliable.
Do They Seek Your Advice?
Whom do you look up to for advice, when you need it the most? It has to be either your parents, siblings, or your friends, whom you know will never pass on a wrong advice. This is a shining example of trust. You only seek advice from people you hold in high regard and find dependable. The friends who trust you will never forget to include you in the important decisions of their life. Your advice will have worth for them and they will seek it, whenever in need.
Do They Forgive You?
Arguments and heated discussions are a part and parcel of every relationship, and so is true for friendship. Two people cannot have identical reactions to a situation and difference of opinion is bound to exist. While some people find it difficult to forgive and forget, your friends will never have problems to move on and resume the same level of comfort with you after an argument, if they trust you and genuinely believe that you will never cause any intentional hurt to them.
Do They Stand Up For You?
There are times in life when you find yourself a lonely soldier, fiercely guarding the sanctity of a cause you believe in. However, people who have been fortunate enough to be blessed with true friends are never alone in any battle. Your friends will never let you down and strongly stand for you when you need backing and encouragement. You can very well determine that they trust you and believe in your beliefs, if they side with you when you need them the most.
Do They Trust You With Their Spouse?
No matter how close you are to any of your friends, you cannot take that comfort level for granted when it comes to his/her spouse. People can be excruciatingly jealous when it comes to their partners, and may not even like their friends being very forthcoming with their spouse. However, if your friend really trusts you, he/she will never have any issues with you beings friends with his/her spouse, unless you cross the well-defined boundaries.

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