Don’t like your spouse’s friends? Read on to find out what to do if you don’t like his friends.

What To Do If You Don’t Like His Friends

Imagine this scene – you had planned a romantic evening for just the two of you, and your husband comes home with this annoying friend of his, who has just bought the latest playstation and couldn’t wait till next morning to show it off to him. The two of them come home, slump on your couch, crunching on the appetizers, you made for yourself and him, and the whole evening goes by, with him playing with this friend of his, and you are left to your boredom and resentment. What’s worse is that he doesn’t even seem bothered about the fact that he ruined your evening. It would be improper to tell your spouse that you don’t like this friend of his, so try these simple steps to save yourself from heartburn. Read on to know the things to do if you don’t like his friends.
Things To Do If You Don’t Like His Friends
R for Respect
You do not have to like his friends just the way you like him, but it would be highly improper to be disrespectful to them. Show them proper respect, and courtesy. If they ask you questions, respond politely. If you do not wish to talk to them any further, excuse yourself and disappear into the kitchen, or anywhere else. They won’t miss you and, you won’t miss out on anything exciting, unless you love talking about the features of the latest SUV.
Me Time
Spend some time with yourself in a way that will make you miss your husband least. Trust me, it is way better than moping around. It will also help get over your feelings of resentment. Visit spas, parlors, read a book, indulge in a hobby, phone a friend, and so anything which would interest you.
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If his friend is the kind of man, who tries to hit at you, whenever your spouse is not around, the best way to get rid of him is to expose him in front of your spouse. Holler loudly “Excuse me, what did you say about my butt?” or laugh when he says so and when your spouse returns, say “You know, your friend said this really sweet thing about my breasts. Only he used the word tits. Isn’t he cute?” This will surely make your spouse realize that his ‘friend’ isn’t really trustworthy.
A trustworthy male friend always comes in handy; especially if you want to make him see your point. If your friend has a girlfriend of his own, use that knowledge to your own advantage. Make sure your spouse gets to know how well your friend treats his girl – how he gives her priority over his friends, how he never cancels their dates, or how romantic he is. Men don’t like to be told that they are not good spouses, and could kill to prove that there is no one better than them. He will then be extra nice with you. If you do not have a friend who matches the above mentioned definition, just create them in any of your male friends that he knows.

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