Are you somebody who still cannot come to a conclusion about your boss. Explore the article given below to know about various bosses with certain nature.

Types Of Bosses

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said " leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves”. First of all a leader or a boss should be a highly refined human being. He should have the ability to understand how people’s mind works. A good boss knows how to complete his work without shouting or screaming aloud. He has this infectious energy, which can wake a sleeping employee up and make him do his work with much excitement and interest. A great leadership will always create a nice working environment. All said and done! Did you know there are different types of bosses also available in this planet? If you thought there were only one type of bosses in the world and that is “pain in the neck type”, then you are wrong. There are different kinds of bosses including the fear monger boss and the great bossand to know, in which category your boss falls in, you can browse through the following sentences. Read on to know about the various kinds of bosses.
Kinds Of Bosses
The Fear Monger Boss
The whole business of this kind of boss lies in ‘fear’. He usually operates like an underworld don. The one and only way he knows to make others work properly is ‘stirring up fear’ in them. You smell death when he is around. Your team fell silent when he is there on the table. It doesn’t matter whether he knows the work or not. His objective is just making employees under him work properly. Usually this kind of a boss has a good track record of firing employees. This history will radiate fear vibe in other people and they would work to death to keep their job. It’s a fact that good employees leave him soon. Nobody appreciate working under a Gabbar Singh or a Dracula. This kind of a boss can’t last for long because organizations can’t stand the cost he makes by firing employees one by one.
The Martyr Boss
Every corporate office has its martyr boss. As the name shows, martyr boss is somebody who would work for the company without expecting anything back from it. He may put his all of energy to develop the company but without expecting even a slight rise in the salary. He is the one who works up to 12 ‘o’ clock while normally the shift ends at 6 ‘o clock. He may come to office all Sundays to work. He was there in the office even when he got malaria. He was working alone in midnight when his wife was in ICU. He expects so much from the new employees because he expects the same sincerity he shows to his work from them. This kind of species can be dangerous at times, if you don’t take extra care of your work.
The Bumbler Boss
The bumbler boss is the joker of the cult. He is the Mohammed Bin Tuglak of bosses but it’s so easy to please this breed. You just help him to get promotion, the first thing he will be doing is promoting you. There are high possibilities for other senior executives to find out that he doesn’t know anything .Then obviously they will sail him somewhere else. For sure, this species will not hurt his fellow employees.
The Clueless Boss
This kind of boss is not stupid like the previous one. It’s just that he is new in the technology he is working in or is not comfortable with the new office set up. This makes him clue less. It’s better to teach him the technology in which you are supposed to work. It will be a great relief to him and it will help you to minimize the load you are handling every day. As a new face to the technology, he will take up work as much possible to become flexible in it.
The World On His Shoulders Boss
This is the one who makes your office a roller coaster of tension. He never sleeps at nights. He is worried about the universe, company, house and at the end of list, you. He comes to the office, like a zombie; sleepy yet red bulged eyes, shivering fingers, expression of big tragedy on face. His anxiety is infectious. So you need to minimize more communication with him. Otherwise, he would make you his latest version.
The Paranoid Boss
Remember Tony Montana character played by Al pacino in the famous “Scarface”. He never believe anybody, he can’t. A paranoid boss is suspicious about everybody. He is constantly observing people’s motives and doubts they are trying to give bad remark about him. He is scared of gossips. If you want to make your paranoid boss feel comfortable, just be honest to him and don’t make any statements about him in public. It’s very hard to convince him that you are his man.’
The Great Boss
A great boss is a great motivator. He never pushes people to work but he creates an atmosphere where an employee can love work. A good leader will always have highly refined psychological understanding of human mind. He communicates well with other people. He understands other people’s problems, their plus and minuses and their tastes. He gives superior training to his team because he knows only by training people to the best; he can make them work at their best. He is not afraid and never screams. He doesn’t have to stir fear in other employees to make them work. A great boss’s team, everything falls in place at the right time.

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