There are some habits that all the bosses love to see in their employees. Check out more on the habits & actions that will impress your boss.

Habits Bosses Love

When you work in an organization, you strive towards a better position, better status and better monetary compensation. You work hard and give your best efforts to attain all these things. However, you need more than hard work in order to be successful. You also need to be in the good books of the boss, apart from contributing your worth towards the attainment of organizational objectives. There are certain universal habits that bosses love to see in their employees. You have to make sure that you inculcate most, if not all, of them and impress your boss. To help you in the task, we have listed some of the major habits that your boss would surely like to see in you.
Habits & Actions that Will Impress Your Boss
If you want to impress your boss and be in his good books, make sure to follow the actions and habits listed below. 
  • Show accountability. If you have been given some duties, along with the power to perform them, you need to show responsibility too. Your boss already has enough work of his own; he doesn’t need more from your side.
  • Adhere to deadlines. Make sure to give your work on or even before the deadline falls due. If by any chances, you overshoot the deadlines, accept your mistake and don’t start making excuses.
  • Never ever go to a meeting unprepared. If you know what the meeting is about, try to go prepared with as much information about the particular topic, as you can. Don’t force your boss to lead you by finger.
  • Make effective utilization of your time. You are in the office to work, not to take part in the social gossip. Admissible, you are not a robot and you need breaks between work. But, please make sure that the breaks are not too long and too frequent.
  • Look good. Yes, this is your work place, not a modeling ramp. But, it is not your bedroom either. Dress smartly. Looking sloppy and unkempt will not only be disliked by your boss, but your colleagues as well.
  • Be confident of yourself. How do you expect your boss to have faith in you, when you don’t have confidence in yourself? If you have faith in yourself, it reflects in your walk, talk and manners.
  • Keep yourself updated on the current happenings in the company as well as the industry. It shows how dedicated you are, towards your organization, your job and your career.
  • Communicate, with your boss as well as your seniors, juniors and colleagues. The inter-personal skills will go a long way towards developing a positive image in the mind of people around you.

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