There are advantages and disadvantages of teenagers using mobile phone in schools & colleges. Read about cell phone use in schools & colleges in India.

Cell Phone Use In School

Children in India have never had it this hi-tech. Kids, as young as 10 or 12 years, barely out of school, can be seen yapping away on the latest cell phones these days. Not just outside school, but in school premises as well. Often, parents get a mobile for their teenage kids to know their whereabouts or contact them in case of an emergency. On one hand, they learn about being responsible, on the other, there is a fear that they may abuse the technology. Read about the pros and cons of using a cell phone in school and decide whether it should be permitted or not.
The Pros
  • Cell phones definitely have some educational advantages and can be of help to students. If a child is slow in copying notes, he/she might take a picture and access it later.
  • Cell phones come with in-built calculators and converters. This makes it all the more useful during maths classes when huge calculations can be done with the mere click of a cell phone button.
  • A student who is absent can be instantly contacted or sent an emergency message. Even notes can be text messaged, so that no one lags behind or misses out on important lectures.
  • With the permission of the teacher, an important lecture can be recorded for future references. Those who couldn’t attend it, can also be sent the audio file, to ensure that they don’t miss out on important lessons.
The Cons
  • Using the cell phone during exams and test to text message answers is absolutely wrong and unacceptable and often encourages students to misuse it.
  • Secret recordings of teachers, just to ridicule them later, are one of the most dismal acts that can be committed by students; just for fun or to avenge out a personal grudge.
  • Some students may use cell phones to contact illegal parties outside school and may indulge in unwanted practices like arranging a drug deal, as it becomes really simple and quick.
  • Of late, many cases have come up in reputed Indian schools in which students have been caught using the cell phone for recording graphic and explicit footage of fellow students and leaking it on the internet. Such practices are truly shocking and will only corrupt the vulnerable minds of students.

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