Anorexia is an eating disorder in which people starve themselves. Read more on Anorexia and get tips on how not to become Anorexic.

Are You Anorexic

At times, people take it as a compliment when they are called ‘anorexic’. But to tell you the truth, being anorexic is nothing to be proud of. Anorexia is actually an eating disorder in which people starve themselves. This disorder generally begins at the onset of puberty, though it can turn out at any time during one’s lifetime. All those who are afflicted from anorexia, have weight loss typically 15% lower than their normal body weight.
These people are really skinny, but are swayed that they are overweight. Since they have an extreme fear of becoming fat, they take on habits like crash dieting, excessive exercising and taking laxatives. Mostly, girls are affected by this syndrome as they think, thin makes them look hot. Whatever be their substantiation, Anorexia is certainly a big problem which can make the person undernourished and in severe cases, extends to the brim of death.
It is believed to be usually common amongst people of higher socio-economic classes, where glamorous parties form a major part of the lifestyle. Anorexics can also be found in activities like dancing, theater and distance running, where thinness is particularly observed. These people often develop eating disorders, for example - refusing to eat in the presence of other people
Are You Anorexic - Check out the Signs and Symptoms
  • Refusal of the feeling of hunger
  • Evasion of social gatherings, where food is drawn in
  • Too much focus on exercise routine
  • Fear of putting on weight or of being fat
  • Obsession with dieting and weight loss
  • Terrific weight loss
  • Assessing self-esteem on body weight and body image
  • Escape from eating
  • Actually thin, but think of being overweight
  • Rejection to uphold the minimal normal body weight, as per age and height
  • Many times a day, weighing self and focusing on little variations in weight
Tips on How Not To Become Anorexic
  • Have confidence about yourself. You are beautiful the way you are.
  • Remember that a healthy body is always good, not a skinny one.
  • Anorexia weakens your body to a destructive extent. It is a misconception that a thin body is healthy. You need to have a certain body mass index in order to look healthy.
  • It is proved that members of the opposite sex like to see their partners with a bit of flesh. So being bony is not going to help you win your lucky man/woman!
  • If you have become anorexic, then psychotherapy could be of real assistance. It would involve time and money, but the result would be definitely worth.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy, group therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, family therapy, medications, and even self-help programs, are some common ways of treating anorexia.
  • By eating a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet, one can get rid of this disorder.
  • Another important factor that can cure this disease is social support.

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