Many people have bought mobile phones today, but very few of them are aware of the manners to be followed while talking on them in public. Let's explore some cell phone etiquettes.

Cell Phone Etiquettes

When it comes to cell phone etiquettes, even the most mannered person transforms into a careless nuisance. As with everything else, it is important to learn cell phone manners. While more than a billion people carry cell phones in today’s world, hardly a small percentage really knows how to use it. Yes fellas, mobiles usage doesn’t consist of simply pressing the button and answering it, it is much more than that. You may well be full of manners in other things, but if you don’t know the etiquette of talking on a phone then, you can wash your manners into sea. The encroachment of mobiles is such in our daily lives that we cannot avoid living without it. But if you know the cell phone etiquettes, you can live with your mobiles without having to throw your manners out of the window. Just keep these simple things in mind and voila, you can actually be considered a responsible mobile user. Who knows, someone might give you an award for that! Now, explore the cell phone etiquettes given here and know how you can convert yourself into a responsible mobile user.
Mobile Phone Manners
KISS Principle Works Wonder
Whenever you’re in public, always try to 'keep itshort and simple' (KISS, get it!). Take the message and ask politely if you can talk to the person later on. If it’s an urgent and unavoidable call, talk briefly and in a low voice, so that you don’t disturb people around you.
No Loud Ringtones Please
Keep your phone in vibration or silent mode while you are at any public place and switch it off at any place where it can create nuisance. Never ever use your phone in hospitals, theatres, place of worship or any other place where it’s prohibited.
Don’t Scream or Shout
While talking on the phone, keep your voice lower than usual. In any condition, do not shout or scream in your phone, to convey your message. If the network coverage is poor, you can always send an SMS, asking the other person to call later. Don’t let your phone be a distraction for others.
Don’t Spill You Personal Beans
Listening to your personal problems is a big put off for people. So, discussing personal things in public should be avoided at all costs. When you talk personal matter over phone, not only do you let a complete stranger overhear your delicate matters, but also stand as a complete fool in their eyes.
Respect Other's Space
Remember that you belong to the society and even if you’re alone at a public place, you are not aloof. So, always respect the space of the people around you. Talk in low voice and always excuse yourself before taking your phone.
Mind Your language
Language is the most important thing, while talking in public. Even if you’re talking to a person whom you’re very comfortable with, keep it formal in front of others. Don’t use offensive words. Even if you’re talking to your better half, postpone the romance for sometime.

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