There are many different types of introverted personalities that you may come across. To know what kind of an introvert are you, read on.

Introverted Personality

Often, you might have come across people who seem a bit aloof from the rest. They talk less, make minimal eye contact and seem lost in themselves. They usually have an inward focus and are not really what you call as ‘life-of-the-party’. That does not mean introverts have a problematic personality or are disturbed in any way. They are like any other normal people, just that they tend to focus on inner energies, ideas and emotions rather than get stimuli from the environment. For all that you know, you might just realize that you could be an introvert too!
Being an introvert does not mean that people can’t be successful. As mentioned before, they are normal, like any other person and lead normal lives. They may have a good job, loving family and be content emotionally in their small world. Some of the most intelligent people, who created turning points in history, were introverts. Sir Isaac Newton, Mozart, Albert Einstein, George Washington, Queen Elizabeth II, Mahatma Gandhi are just a few example of introverts who made their presence felt in this world.
Types of Introverts - Which One is You
There are four main types of introvert personalities. Each of these four types is further divided into two types. So, totally, you have eight types of introvert personalities. Here is brief information about them:
  • Artisans
Those who belong to the Artisan group of introverts need freedom and impulsiveness to grow and create. The Artisan personality can be divided into two categories: Crafters and Composers. Those who fall under Crafters category are experts and usually perfectionists with tools, to create anything. The Composer introverts excel in fine arts and strive to bring a harmony among the physical world and their inner vision. 
  • Guardians
The introverts who fall into the Guardian category usually attach importance to being accepted by a group or community. They demonstrate very stable, responsible and conservative behavior. The Guardians can be further divided into Protectors and Inspectors. The Protectors deal very effectively with distressing situations and watch over the downtrodden members instinctively. The Inspectors follow a certain code of discipline and orderliness and keep a watch over the institutions of the society.
  • Idealists
Idealist introverts are known for their fiery personality. The idealists can be divided into Healers and Counselors. The Healers are usually very shy and reserved and try hard to bring about a sense of peace and harmony in the world. Though they may seem calm on the surface, behind that calm face they hide a great deal of complexity. Counselors give importance to personal growth and insist on genuineness. They follow ethics, are empathetic and take pleasure in exploring the various aspects of human potential. 
  • Rational

The introverts who fall under the Rational category give much importance to intellect and proficiency. They can be divided into the categories of Architects and Masterminds. The Architects aim at shaping up the world according to their vision and are nature’s engineers. The Masterminds are born planners of the universe. They think realistically and have defined goals. Though they may not be outspoken leaders, but if they see no one can do the work, they take over it fully and don’t let go until finished.

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