Being witty while conversing can be an impressive tool to attract and amuse your audience. Read through the following article to know how to have a witty conversation.

How To Have A Witty Conversation

Being witty in your conversation is a significant way to showcase your intelligence, humor and knowledge to your listeners. It can prove to be an impressive tool for flirting as well. It helps you make friends, have a good time and feel comfortable at parties. If done rightly, it is an effective way to impress, network and ease the tension. Nonetheless, a witty conversation is best when your audience too is an intellectual match. If your listener isn’t able to grasp your wittiness, you might end up being a snob, or just plain weird. Read on further to know how you can be witty, while in a conversation.
How To Be Witty While Conversing
  • Do not laugh at yourself. Maintain a straight face. Do not laugh unless the opposite participant makes an equal witty or funny comment.
  • Be sure to match your speech with the person who is conversing with you.
  • Be quick as well as creative in your replies. The wittiness not only demands creativeness on how you link ideas and draw comparisons, but also how quick you are, in responding.
  • Be a good listener. Reflect the words of the other person in a different way, by comparing his/her statement to something else. This will also show that you have been listening to the person.
  • Be careful on your witty gestures. Use of the right body language will be an added advantage. A playful smile and a raised eyebrow could add on a nice touch.
  • Keep your witty remarks in a casual tone, to make it look like saying them comes naturally to you.
  • In case you are talking to someone from another country, it would do good to use phrases from his/her language.
  • Familiarize yourself with words and sharpen your vocabulary. Use puns wherever required.
  • Study and notice your audience. Be careful on jokes, since every person has a different sense of humor.
  • Use relevant quotations from various books, movies or significant and famous personalities, wherever applicable. Although this will make the statement wittier, be sure that the other person too understands your reference.
  • Be attentive. Observe the speakers and pick up humorous comments that other people would probably not notice.
  • Do not hesitate to make comments that may not be typical to you. You would be respected, as you have spoken other people's mind.  
  • In some situations, physical humor such as props can also be appropriate.
  • Dress yourself to enhance your wit. The more trendy and up-to-date you are, the better you look. A beret or another hat will also help in. A commonly known, intelligent people are often stereotyped as wearing glasses.
  • Do not make the same references over and over again. Your witnesses will start doubting your wittiness and intelligence.
  • Do not use your wittiness to put people down. This is considered low and insensitive.
  • Do not try too hard to be witty. Not all people would like wittiness in their everyday conversations about work and other nuances.

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