Sand, sea and sunset makes it the best place to get declared man and wife. Find out how to entertain your guests with the beach wedding favors.

Beach Wedding Favors

Beach is the place where sand, sea and sun traverse each other. Where else would be a better choice to get married? The day when you are declared husband and wife is undoubtedly the most memorable day of your life. It is this day that you find your perfect soul mate who will travel with you all along through thick and thin on this wonderful journey called ‘life’. You take no chances or leave no stones unturned for making your nuptials the heavenly one. Beach is a best place for two different persons to become one and that too in the presence of three elements- air, water, and earth; without which no one can survive. You cannot ignore the guests that come to grace this special occasion. It falls upon your shoulders to entertain and thank them in the best possible way. To make your marriage an unforgettable one there is no better option than pleasing them with wedding favors. Given here are some unique wedding favors that would add on to the mood and spirit of a beach wedding.
Unique Beach Wedding Favors 

Beach Bag Favors
A beach bag is filled with things that will make your day a special one under the sun and the beach bag favors are no exception. It will bring back the memories of a wonderful wedding to everyone who gets it. 

Nautical Themed Candles 
There is no better way to add boatloads of fun filled memories of your D-day. Nothing is better than a favor that gives you the feel of a beach and the special occasion. 

Tea Light Candle Set
Sea is a treasure house of many romantic things; you will be lavished with seashells, starfish, and sand dollars once the sea retreats back after it covers the shore. Why not gift something that symbolizes the beauty of the sea. A tea light candle set will be the perfect choice, as it will have seashells or starfish that epitomizes the treasure of the sea and candle that symbolizes the bright days ahead for the newlyweds. If the candles are scented then it will make up a perfect day. 

Sail Boat Magnet
You can set sail for romance with this fine sailboat magnet, which will be a perfect gift that will commemorate your seaside nuptials. These fanciful boat magnets will prove to be cheerful reminders of your special day on your guests’ refrigerators. 

Frosted Glass Sail Boat Tea Light Holders
Nothing else other than a sailboat would perfectly ensemble a beach wedding. These would provide the nautical ambience that every guest at your place will appreciate. Subtle, elegant, and reminiscent of the shore, they make a perfect wedding favor. 

Flip Flop Photo Frames
Fun in the sun will be the maximum with the flip-flop photo frames. They make cute miniature frames that can be given away to the guests visiting your wedding as a festive souvenir. 

Miniature Folding Chairs 
Have fun enjoy and at the end of the day just relax under the sun. A memorable token of your thanks for coming to your marriage, this cute beach wedding favor can fit perfectly into the mood.
Shell Design Dish 
If you are looking for that sophisticated look for your favors try the porcelain made shell design dish that can be used as receptacles for rings and other small things. This ivory porcelain designed in the shell shape will give the look of a perfect favor.

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